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Tag Archives: CSK

tgblog Aug 13 2019

Best Players of ICC World Cup 2019 – A Report (Ticketgoose)

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The recently-ended 2019 Cricket World Cup featured a plethora of outstanding players and performances – we’ve attempted to narrow them down to the best-there-is XI. To do this, though, we’ve made our selections based upon where the player actually batted, which means some big names have missed out from making it. The side offers plenty of options for whoever is lucky enough to captain to it, with consistently high scoring batsmen and a number of potent bowling options. Rohit Sharma scored 648 runs | Strike rate 98.33 Never before has a batsman scored five centuries in a World Cup. You […..]

tgblog Aug 03 2019

The rise of cricket and the birth of TGPLCricket, cricketfans, cricketstadium, CSK, IPL, sachin, watchcricket

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Much has been said about Indian sports in general and cricket in particular since it outranks in popularity, mass appeal and that undoubtedly makes it a moneyspinner. Now, a sport, for the love of it, shouldn’t be exploited plainly for its ability to raise money. But, having said that, unless the said sport is able to be monetised, it won’t gather traction either. Which brings us to the dynamics that have governed the way cricket has evolved over the years. The game as we know it, has been played initially in the form of Tests and that was many decades […..]

tgblog Aug 03 2019

My IPL Experience at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium

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The excitement of going to watch IPL cricket match @ Brabourne Stadium, India had taken a toll on all of us already since the past one week, especially when it was Mumbai Indians v/s Kolkata Knight Riders. We were striving hard to get tickets and we picked up the best of the merchandise of our favourite teams. And, we had already started to flash it to everyone on our smartphones. And then came the day we all were waiting for “22nd March 2010”. The day of the match we all were most awaited. Upon reaching there I was so amazed, […..]

tgblog Jul 26 2019

Watching cricket in a stadium – Electrifying atmosphere!

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This was the 6th season of the IPL. But this was the first ever cricket match (any format) I watched live in a stadium. As is the case with Hyderabad, there was total chaos on the roads, hours before the match began. People had parked their vehicles where they found some space. The roads were choc-a-bloc with trucks, buses, cars, scooters, three wheelers and what not. It seemed as though everyone was heading for the stadium. Though we were about 10 minutes late, there was still quite a lot of chaos at the entry gates. My first feeling as I […..]

tgblog Jul 24 2019

How cricket is the soul of everyone’s childhood memories

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That one day I can never forget, that day is attached with my childhood memory, when I went downtown with my father for the first time in my life. I was seven year old, my father asked me, and I still remember those word, whenever I want I can take myself there. It was a Tuesday in summer and the weather was very pleasant by chance, my father took off from his office he asked me in the morning,” hi I am going to downtown you want to come?”, I just woke up, so I was sitting in a very […..]