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tgblog Mar 09 2017

The Colours of the Incredible Festival- Holi

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Hey fellas, its Holi tomorrow, while your family is busy with the Holika Bonfire, aren’t you ready to chase and spray colored water and dry powder on all? Sounds interesting right? It’s a unique festival, whose likings can be seen throughout India, though clamorous yet it marks the colorful commemoration of many legendary tales associated with it. India, a diversified country has many traditions and the celebration of Holi varies with each. We bring you these three places in India where this festival is celebrated as the amalgamation of tradition and devotion.  Scroll down to see these must- visit- places […..]

tgblog Mar 02 2017

TG Wallet: An Online Pass 4 Bus Booking

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In recent times,it can be seen that our nation is heading straight towards its glory at a very fast pace with inculcating the use of electronic payments amongst us. All thanks to our Prime Minister, Mr. Modi for taking measures in making India, a digital world. From retail stores to banking domains to e-commerce firms, everyone prefers going digital and one such advancement is the creation of e-wallets. What is e-wallet? How is e-wallet helpful in bus booking? And what are the benefits TicketGoose gives to its customers on using e-wallet? Well. Well. I do understand that before using any […..]