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tgblog Oct 11 2017

Super Bus- What We Do!

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Life’s full of challenges and the amount of risk we take and unveil solutions to overcome from it determines our strength. Apart from spending some quality time in resolving your hardships, a small sight on knowing what’s new around the world also matters and with companies like TicketGoose (India’s leading online bus ticketing portal) in hand, innovation does matter. So, what’s new now? For all the travelers out there, the firm has come out with an innovative masterpiece in the bus transportation sector- “Super Bus”. A bus, that lets you enjoy all the comforts of what a luxurious bus would offer except the fact that you will be unaware of which fleet operator you would be traveling in and, that would be revealed once the booking is made but, we assure you that you will never be disappointed.

“Time and Tide wait for None”, though an ancient proverb is as philosophical as it has to be in this era. Be it any information on any product or a doubt on what it is, your fingertips will be in any one of the search engines. So, you need to book a bus ticket, enjoy a safe and comfortable trip or wanna get your bookings done sitting at your place- all you need to do is just book bus tickets in Super Bus.

We have partnered with top operators like KPN, Hebron, and Evacay, which will be your travel operator that will be known to you after you have chosen the seat and made the payments for your travel. Your ticket and the bus you would be traveling in will be communicated to your email-ID. Further, any promotional offers or discounts the firm offers with respect to Super Bus will be made via newsletters.

With this facility, you get a chance to enjoy; a journey in top-rated buses, luxurious coaches, safe driving, personalized customer support, best fares and an option of booking our brand ambassadors, i,e the first 300 customers will get a chance to become the brand ambassadors of Super Bus.

So, forget not to try our new facility and relish our benefits forever.

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