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tgblog Jul 22 2014

Strolling around the Garden City

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Are you in Bangalore for work and the entire schedule is crammed with business meetings and lunches and dinners with clients? Mall and pub-hopping is not your cup of tea? If you have just three hours to spare in the morning before 11 am over the weekend, then the Bangalore city walk will not only enrich you, but leave you rejuvenated to kick start your day. As Henry David Thoreau, an American author, said, “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

Let’s put on our walking shoes and take a quick guided tour of the Garden City that has so much for everyone. From green heritage walk to Victorian Bangalore walk to traditional Bangalore walk to Medieval Bangalore walk, there are numerous options for you according to your taste. But if you are up for it, you will have to forgo your weekend sleep, as these walks run by Bangalore Walks are held only over the weekend between 7 am and 10 am. It is priced at Rs 500 per person. Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach), Bangalore, also runs several walks in the city. The once-a-month affair comes for a mere Rs 120. Treat yourself to a sumptuous breakfast at the end of the walk.

Saunter around the gardens

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens (Photo courtesy www.ghumakkar.com)

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens (Photo courtesy www.ghumakkar.com)

If you are a nature enthusiast, the green heritage walk is a must for you. Wander through the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens and get to know its landscape, environment, history, botany, culture and gardening. You will have a delightful three-hour amidst its serene environs and at the end of the tour you will be truly enlightened.

Get a feel of the Victorian era

St Andrew’s Church

St Andrew’s Church

The Victorian walk will literally take you down memory lane from the Tipu Sultan era to the 20th century. You can drop by at the 19th century churches. Get to know more about the Cantonment and the public buildings, besides the eminent British residents in the city. This will enrich you with the chronicles of the city’s past, as an experienced guide will walk you through the details.

A taste of the traditional city

Flower Market at Basavanagudi (Photo courtesy Deccan Chronicle)

Flower Market at Basavanagudi (Photo courtesy Deccan Chronicle)

Those of you who want to know more about the culture and tradition of the city can opt for the Traditional Bangalore Walk. Walking through Shankarapuram and Basavanagudi will give a taste of the old-world charm far from the bustling city. You will be able to connect with these places replete with tradition if you are not a pub-hopping type. The three hours that you spend exploring the serene neighbourhoods will treat your senses to a myriad of hues and sounds.

A walk through history

Bangalore Fort (Photo courtesy TempleIndai.info)

Bangalore Fort (Photo courtesy TempleIndai.info)

Get to know how Bangalore started as a city from a 16th-century mud fort. Through the Medieval Bangalore walk you can traverse the streets of the old city and discover how Kempa Gowda I built the fort and how it grew into a city. You will also get to know about the various rulers that ruled over the centuries. This walk is replete with history and it is a must for those who are fascinated with the times of yore.

In case you are not an early morning riser and want to explore these places on your own, hop on a bus and visit these places leisurely at your own convenience. But remember to wear a good pair of walking shoes and keep a water bottle handy.

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