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tgblog Feb 21 2019

Stories of customer care department – Mr. Lokeswaran

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“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers there is no company!”

       -Connie Elder, CEO / Founder, PEAK 10 SKIN


Customer service is an important department in a service providing company. TicketGoose, being a ticket booking company, receives a lot of queries and complaints and so a strong and robust customer service department is necessary. TicketGoose has a powerful customer care service running round the clock, servicing the needs of customers. It has seen all ups and down and help the company to keep afloat.

Customer service is not an easy job. If TicketGoose is a bus, then customer care department is the windshield protecting the company. Each customer comes with different flavour. Each customer has his or her own unique problems and it is up to the customer service to deal with all those. Sometimes, it may be the company’s fault and sometimes it may the customers fault, but at the end, it is the customer care who takes the beating. Even a slight slip up of the customer care can be disastrous and we should take a moment to thank those people who protect us.

Today, Lokeshwaran, a customer service representative, who has been working in the firm for more than 4 years speaks about his first customer care phone call, his experiences and his most challenging experience on this field.

“My first call was an issue call. My TL received the call and he wanted me to handle the call and he transferred it to me.” Said Lokeshwaran. The first called received was from a female customer who did not receive the confirmation message from TicketGoose for booking the ticket. The angry customer was blaming the service, the worst. Lokeshwaran calmed down the customer by providing the resolution. From then on, he has been facing thousands of calls, mainly angry customers. “We attend 400 calls a day, We are taking responsibility for everything including faults made by bus operators”, Says Lokeshwaran.

His most challenging customer service call was from an agitated customer who blasted at him for a mistake which was not even made by the TicketGoose. Once a customer booked tickets from Chennai to Chidambaram and he marked his boarding at Koyambedu. It is the duty of the bus operators to send the Bus details, driver details and tracking link to the customer. The tracking link was sent but the other details were absent. While the customer was tracking the bus, he came to know that the bus was at Poonamallee and not at Koyambedu. The customer tried calling the customer care, there was no response, and so, he raised a complaint. The next day, when he received the call from the customer care, he said that he didn’t travel using the booked tickets and he used alternative services, so he demanded to refund the monry . When Lokeshwaran escalated the issue to the bus operator side, the operator rejected the query for refund. The customer abused and complained that he had the worst service and he was not happy. Lokeshwaran didn’t stop there, He took steps to get the refund for the agitated customer. After the refund, the tone of the customer changed. He apologized and thanked Lokeshwaran him for his service.

Lokeshwaran managed to help the customer and saved the company’s reputation from being tarnished. The story might be a lighter one, but the emotions when he went through the situation were inexplicable. “He didn’t listen to what I was saying” said Lokeswaran, pointing it as the challenging task. Customers usually don’t understand the situation and the customer service department finds it challenging and make them understand. It is a mountainous task.  He handled the situation in a very brilliant manner.




This is a story of a single customer care executive. There are millions of others like this. We should take a moment to give respect to the unsung heroes who make sure that the firm should run well. They are like grease to the wheels. They seem nonexistent but without their presence, the wheel would stop running.


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