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tgblog Sep 18 2018

Step up to Delicious Gujarat

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Take your taste buds on a tantalizing journey through the royal sides of Gujarat. Well, Gujarat is more Fame for its delicious dishes and cuisines. People in Gujarat are probably foodies and they welcome the people from all around the world with yummy foods and snacks. This dishes of splendid aroma will not let you back to your natives without tasting all the dishes. Common Let’s pack up and land to Gujarat to taste all those varieties of dishes by booking bus tickets online with the cheapest fares in Ticketgoose.


Dabeli is said to be one of the favorite Gujarat snacks. You can taste this Dabeli at every tiny shop in every nook and corner street of Gujarat. A soft burger bun is stuffed with chili potato, dried coconut, and tutty fruity jellies garnished with rose petals. Don’t you feel mouth watering to taste this awesome dish? Yep, common let’s pack to Gujarat.


The name sounds itself different,  as you all already know about Jalebi let’s move on to Fafda, this mouthwatering dish is found on every corner of the city. This Fafda is made with the help of kneading the dough of maida and this Fafda with Jalebi is the best combo to taste. Get a try to taste this super dish in Gujarat.

Can’t wait to taste this unique dish, common let’s start to Gujarat by booking our journey with Ticketgoose.com with affordable cost.

fafda jakebi


It’s time for adding sweetness in the mouth, yep one of the main desserts that serve mainly in Gujarati food menu. Mohanthal is prepared on a huge scale in the special occasion of Janmashtami that is an offering to Lord Krishna. No one can deny Mohanthal if you want to know the reason just start tasting it.


Ingredients of Mohanthal


Flavors of saffron


Nuts like almonds and Pistachios.

After hearing about this unique dessert don’t you feel yummy? If so, start jumping to Gujarat to taste these delicacies by booking bus tickets online in Ticketgoose.com and have a delectable life.


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