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tgblog Nov 15 2017

Start your Travel with Suspense!

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Vellore is the headquarters of Vellore district in the Southern part of India and is located on the banks of the Palar River. It is an ancient city that has been ruled by the Pallavas, the Cholas, Vijaynagar Kingdom, Carnatic Empire and the British. There are forts, picnic spots, temples in this region to attract tourists from various parts of the world. Here are the few tourist spots to be visited when you visit Vellore.

1. Vellore Fort – Vellore Fort was built in the 16th century AD by the Vijayanagara Kings and is situated in the heart of the city. The ownership of the fort passed from Vijayanagara Kings to the Bijapur Sultans, to the Marathas, to the Carnatic Nawabs and finally to the British. This fort consists of a temple, a church, and a mosque.


2. The Jalakandeswarar Temple – This temple is located in the Vellore Fort and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built by the Vijayanagara Kings. The specialty of this temple is that there is an earthen lamp behind the Nandi statue which will revolve when someone places their hand on it that would indicate their wishes will be granted.

3. Srilakshmi Golden Temple – It is located in Sripuram and this is also called as Lakshmi Narayani Temple. The entire temple is covered with 1500 kg of pure gold and housing the deity of Sri Lakshmi Narayani, goddess of wealth. A star-shaped path is designed in the middle of the green landscape with the length of over 1.8 km. The devotees will read various spiritual messages while walking in the star path.


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