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tgblog Jul 18 2018

Start Hunting Various Destinations

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Why should we want take a tour to foreign cities while we have more heavenly   places in India? To be open we don’t have sufficient time to visit the places in India, it can take an entire lifetime to visit this incredible country and there is no assurance you will go to heaven after your death, so please take a visit to these heavenly places on earth which is more stunning In India. Start fulfilling them by filling your bucket list with those heavenly places where you will lose yourself. To head to these destinations start booking your bus tickets in ticketgoose.com which is known to be the Vast online bus booking portal in travel industry.

Ride a Camel in Jaisalmer

Camel Journey-“ Jaisalmer “, an antique city is to ride a camelhrough the undulating sand dunes of the golden city which is known to be “Thar Desert”. Jaisalmar holds a desert festival every year in the monthof February, if you step into this Golden city during this month you will enjoy every bit of a second by having a great time with camel ride. Out of all journeys which you have tried the Camel Journey will be the best and shines to be life treasuring memories.

Camel Safari

Houseboat Stay in Kerala

Do you feel stressed? If so, make all your stress to throw away in God’s own country water by relaxing in House Boat on admiring the surroundings of nature by spotting greeneries everywhere will make your mind to feel fresh and will be a great relief from your hectic life. Start spending your life with your beloved ones by having a sip of coffee in the middle of water will be making you to be more romantic. If you are here don’t miss fishing and you can cook in the boat and feel the real taste of fresh fish and you feel yummy in your tummy.

House Boat Stay

Spot the Sunset in Hampi

The land of temples which is known to be “Hampi” one of the unique places where you can spot distinctive cultures with different architectures. Take a rickshaw in the hot sun and step to temples and end of the day you will be feeling tired by the hot sun. After this you will be mesmerized on this view of sunset in Hampi and your tiredness is made to fade away by spotting his view.


Don’t you feel really surprised about these hidden places in India? Yup, then don’t waste your time in bored destinations start executing your plan to head to these astonishing places and compose the pages in your life diaries.

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