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tgblog Nov 08 2014

Star Biriyani of Ambur – The Authentic Flavour

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It does not matter which part of India you are in, the craze for biriyani among all generations always takes a bizarre turn. Remember Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur in the movie Daawat-e-Ishq sprinkling the aroma of the saffron-tinged Hyderabadi biriyani? The taste of this royal delicious meal is a sure-shot way to make you pause and think before you say ‘no’ to it! This famous rice-meal is a delicious treat that forms a part and parcel of many festivals and royal occasions such as marriage, hang-outs, office parties, get-togethers or family gatherings. The festival of Ramzan, Bakri Id or the Iftar party strongly calls for this mouth-watering meal. The strategically cooked vegetarian, chicken and mutton varieties of biriyani are an awesome dawaat to the taste buds.

A perfect biriyani moment from the film Daawat-e Ishq (Photo Courtesy - gulfnews.com)

A perfect biriyani moment from the film Daawat-e Ishq (Photo Courtesy – gulfnews.com)

With many eateries that are cropping up steadily, thriving to achieve the best taste of biriyani, a number of biriyani competitors are taking toll. This royal flavor has captured the hearts of many people turning them into die-hard fans who always rate this dish as their preferred choice. So what makes this sizzling dish a favorite amongst all? Well, of course the steaming hot biriyani rice aroma and the taste of chicken or mutton flavor – all spiced up together with chosen masalas and condiments play the trick! You can bet on anyone that this all-time craving dish complimented with raita and onions will surely make anyone addicted in no time!

Mouth-watering chicken biriyani served with raita (photo courtesy- tastyappetite.net)

Mouth-watering chicken biriyani served with raita (photo courtesy- tastyappetite.net)

Biriyani lovers have the privilege of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian biriyani meal items to choose from the menu list. The categories are vegetarian biriyani, egg biriyani, fish biriyani, chicken biriyani and mutton biriyani to choose from. Depending on your taste and the choice, you can opt for your favorite category. Not only that, you can team it up with cold drinks, some lemonade juice or ice creams with the flavor of your choice to make your meal a perfect one!

Biriyani in Today’s Menu – Spice it Up!

The taste of India that challenges our appetite every now and then is biriyani. If you are a biriyani-lover and want to treat yourself with authentic flavor, experience the delight of the Star Biriyani of Ambur. This biriyani house has hit many fans over the years and has tossed up as a number one savoury rice-meal. The biriyani prepared here constitute less oil and hence, you won’t feel heavy after you are done. Given the number of takers of this delicious savoury rice meal, this popular biriyani hut has turned out to be a favorite food point. Also, you have the privilege to enjoy the dish at home with delivery and takeaway orders. The delivery agents who ferries your favorite biriyani at your sweet home spot can surely double up your merriment to enjoy this delicious meal along with friends and family. So decide fast as to what to order for dinner tonight!

The famous Star Biriyani of Ambur is characterized by its exceptional authentic taste and a spicy piqué. The halal-cut roasted mutton pieces, tenderly cooked with basmati rice are the main accompaniment of mutton biriyani. Likewise, for other non-vegetarian varieties, the main accompaniments are fish, egg, goat, lamb, shrimp and chicken. The rice flavors fashioned with contrasting flavors of dahi (curd), chutney or raita curry are real value-for-money meals.

Tracing the Origin

Interestingly, ‘biriyani’ is a Persian word introduced by the Mughals in India. The culinary heritage of this regal dish was a part of the Mughal delicacy. Nicely flavored to dish up the customers, the Star Biriyani of Ambur finds its roots from the reign of the Nawab of Arcot. Since then, this culinary knowledge was passed down by several generations who were successful in preserving the rich taste and aroma of this savoury dish.

The Ambur Star Biriyani is the fourth generation culinary to retain the perfect taste and aroma of this delicious cuisine. It is a two decade old culinary eatery. An interesting story at the backdrop tells a tale that, in earlier times, this royal biriyani was sold on bi-cycles to reach out to the people in the town of Ambur. With passing times, this savory cuisine became the most famous dish satisfying the appetite of millions of hearts from many places. Now, this traditional culinary has created a wholesome experience and has emerged to be the most preferred rice-meal.

A Star Ambur biriyani outlet (photo courtesy- timescity.com)

Ambur Star biriyani outlet (photo courtesy- timescity.com)

Favorite Ambur Star Biriyani HotSpots

The original Star Biriyani eatery is located in the Bangalore – Chennai Highway of Ambur city. Apart from the Ambur city, there are many other established branches located in India. You can find this popular biriyani hub in hotspots such as Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. So whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian lover, stop by at any of the biriyani hot-spot eatery and grab your bite to devour in this heavenly delicious flavor.

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