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tgblog Apr 18 2018

Spots for Vacationing!

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It is solely your take whether you are ready to treat your eyes visiting the hills (yet another time) for the summer holidays or ready for a volunteering vacation making yourself to be called as a fervent traveler. With the scorching sun up, with the AC voltage fluctuating on its over-usage and with the kids yelling around for a getaway pleading that it is a part of their summer holiday assignment, your mindset never fails to realize the fact that a breathtaking haven is only on the Western Ghats but I must say if you ever wish to do justice to your pocket, here’s the list of some of our spectacular properties to cherish your travel forever, starting right with;

1. Chennai-

Being the capital city of the cultural state of our nation; Tamil Nadu, Chennai is one such city in the Southern part of India that is known for its vibrant colors, heritage, and culture and vast stretches of pristine shores. The moment you land on this place, it would take you right through the diverse culture, architectural significance of the artisans and the warm hospitality. Since the city is located close to the shore, it experiences tropical weather with light showers making the temperature pleasant on all days. If you ever want to feel the vibrancy of the place then hurry up and book your bus tickets online in any of these operators; SRS Travels, SRM Travels or Hebron Travels.

2. Rameshwaram-

Also known widely as the abode of Lord Rama is one such ancient city encapsulating the spiritual divinity of the place that howls of the classic tale of Lord Rama and his war against the demon king Lord Ravana. Goddess Sita installing the Lingam here with Rama, the Lord’s large footprints on the pristine sands and the ape’s aid to bring back the captured Goddess, sings together of its subsistence. Such is a land in the state of Tamil Nadu where every spot is known to portray mere significance. Even now one can see from the satellite view the stone formation from Dhanushkodi to Sri Lanka that was once said to be formed with the help of squirrels and monkeys on Rama’s way to his consort’s rescue.

If you wish to visit this city; then head straight to ticketgoose.com; India’s leading online bus ticket booking portal and book your bus tickets in Universal Travels, KPN Travels, or Parveen Travels.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to start your trip!

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