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tgblog Nov 29 2017

SportzBus- Why did we start this?

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“Country of over 1 billion people separated by religion, caste and creed but is united in a single game- Cricket”!

Team- spirit, coordination, passion, titillation, unity, and strength; if there is a game that constitutes all these flavors, then bet not even a single entity would deny saying- Cricket. Cricket is one of the favorite sports both played and watched in India with great thrill and zeal, as it is not the individual’s strength but the entire team’s effort put on the table towards winning a match. It not only fosters team- spirit but involves discipline and brings out the quality of leadership.

With eleven members playing on the ground, it looks no less than pearls dismantled from the necklace and spread across the pitch. It is the love towards the game and the zest of every people watching the match like their brothers playing the game to win the trophy of pride. We know ODI’s, T20’s and now IPL’s but amongst all these if there is something that’s been not possible till now for most of them but a desire burning in their hearts; watching the match live at the stadium. So, to make every individual’s dream come true, TicketGoose, India’s leading online bus ticketing portal has launched SportzBus.


SportzBus: The bus that takes you to meet your dream of watching your favorite team; CSK plays all its matches at Chepauk. From boarding (from Trichy, Madurai and Coimbatore locations) and food to entertainment and travel to a ticket to the stadium, everything is arranged by the firm and, all that you need to do from your end is register for this event.

IPL’s a huge saga indeed with teams representing each state competing against the other giants. Surprise for you, coz CSK’s back and with Dhoni’s return to CSK is making fans go mad. So, by registering in one of our SportzBuses can give you a chance to watch the stupendous stumps of Dhoni, the super sixers of Raina and the marvelous spins of Ashwin. All that is not to be missed in a lifetime.

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