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tgblog Dec 22 2017

SportzBus New Video Released!

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Oola la! It’s celebration time. Could it be said, it’s time for something new. Yes, it is the time for knowing something new. We came last week explaining the importance of Sportzbus and why people should opt for this service and, also said about the teaser released by India’s leading online bus ticketing firm, TicketGoose. So, this time, we have come to convey one of the most interesting and much-awaited news of all times. Could be said the first of its kind in India. TicketGoose has released its innovative masterpiece; Sportzbus full video. Awesome isn’t it?

Well, to all those who have an idea of what this is, it’s going to be a blast time but for the rest who are still unaware of what this is? Let me tell you a brief idea of what this bus is all about. Forth which I bet, you will not resist yourself from registering in one of our buses. Sportzbus is more like a dream bus that takes you to Chepauk, Chennai Stadium to watch your favorite team play all its matches. Seeing the pitch in yellow is a dream for many and to fulfill this dream of our fellow travelers, TicketGoose has released this coach.

On your successful registration with Sportzbus, you will become one of our customers and receive frequent news and updates. Information related to CSK matches or on Sportzbus will be communicated to you on a timely basis.

The initial teaser was released a few days back and now you get to see our full video. Click on the link to watch and enjoy;


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