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tgblog Feb 13 2017

Soulful Ending on one’s V-day

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optimized-v_day__1487069104_122-165-96-156“Searched across heavens, crossing seas, for her long-awaited miracle and on seeing her long-lost love made her jocund”.

Well. Well. Well, it’s valentine’s eve and my fellow Chennai mates don’t scratch your heads thinking whether will your surprises, surprise your valentine. This is one such problem faced by many and why will they not?

When 3D holographic images have come to a step closer to reality, when technology is evoluting every other second and when people have started using new gen laptops from stationed monitors, why affixed to gifting greeting cards and letters to your beloved every year. Go different with your loved one. But clueless about what plans to adopt to make your valentine feel special. Let me help you in choosing a destination that will not hamper your personal moments! Yes, a romantic voyage to “GOA – a gateway for your V-day is one that is not to be missed in a lifetime. From romantic caper to lovely breath-taking beaches to laid-back fishing, Goa is packed with fun-filling surprises.

With your loved one beside, feel the tranquillity of the shores with the soothing touch of the sand and, get carried away by the Portuguese colonial architecture and heritage. How lovely could it be? But wait, this isn’t much as Goa is also known for its rich flora and fauna, savory cuisines, spiritual activities and greenery around the countryside that ought to make you both feel special.

The main point to be considered here is that Goa boasts of its beaches and flora –fauna. Why not? As beaches stretch from Baga and Palolem to laid-back fishing villages like Agonda. The Western Ghats that have been internationally recognized as one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world forms most of the eastern Goa. With such intense culture and overwhelming tourist spots, a point sized Goa has played an eminent role in India’s tourism.

What better surprise could it be than this trip for your beloved? Fair enough right thus visit ticketgoose.com and make your bookings immediately for a hassle-free trip and to make your special day a memorable one.

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