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tgblog Apr 04 2014

Simple acts of kindness can make a big difference – Based on a true story!

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Each day of an individual’s life is filled with many things: good as well as awful, safe and dangerous, victory and tragedy, joy and sorrow.

While, humanity proffers different characters of a person as good, go an extra mile to help a person, value or respect others’ emotions. Humility holds out the bad intention, ignorance, disrespect etc…

This blog is an experience of a lady passenger “DS Karthika,” who has been the victim of both humanity and humility.

And the story begins, “Welcome to TicketGoose.com, please note, your call will be recorded for our quality and training purpose” The call hit the extension of one of our Customer Service Executive, Santhosh, at 1 am. In bold and pleasant voice our Customer Service Executive asked, “How may I assist you?

Karthika, who was on the other side of the line, began to narrate her story – “I had to travel from Chennai to Coimbatore from Guindy and the bus timing was at 10:40 pm. As the bus did not turn up at the scheduled time, I called up the travel agent/operator directly and he guided me to come near a particular spot, which was on the left side of the bridge, before the post office. Most of the buses go from this place only, but my bus didn’t turn up. The highway patrolling police came by and I asked their help to speak to the travel agent/operator to make sure that, I was waiting at the right place. The travel agent/operator told them that the bus was at Ashok Nagar and I would be picked up in 10 minutes.”

“You can understand the emergency to reach Coimbatore by seeing the kind of precaution I have taken for my travel… but the bus didn’t turn up till 11.15 pm. I was the only lady waiting there. So, the police guys, thanks to them, waited there to ensure I was safe. At 11.15 pm when the police guy called the agent from his phone, the travel agent/operator said the bus had gone to Poonnamally via another route. After the police insisted that the agent/operator do something as the lady was waiting there for more than an hour, much before the boarding time, the travel agent/operator said the bus would wait for me at Poonnamally.”

“Go there and board, the bus,” said the travel agent / operator. “But who will pay for the auto,” I asked? The travel agent/operator promised that the bus driver in the bus would give the auto fare. So, I hopped into the auto and rushed to the spot. But once I reached there, the driver said he will not pay. “If you want to board the bus, pay off the auto guy and get in, else I am leaving!” Auto fare was Rs 400 and I didn’t have that money. If I would have known that I will have to pay, maybe I would have taken some money from the ATM. The auto guy was not allowing me to get down, as I did not pay him. By then it was 12 AM. The bus driver just didn’t care and went off leaving me there in the middle of the road, with an auto guy. No one was around and I realised that people inside the bus were annoyed with the delay. But was I responsible for that???

I reached home at 1:00 am after missing the bus. Now, tell me how you can help me”, Karthika asked our Customer Service Executive.
Realising that an apology was not enough for the harrowing experience that the customer went through, our Customer Service Executive Santhosh said, “Ma’am why didn’t you call me when the bus was not on time? I could have assisted you with an alternate bus, as it was not your fault. (By then, Karthika had lost the choice of alternate bus and travelling, for sure) However, we will refund the complete bus fare and the auto fare,” said our Customer Service Executive, Santhosh, escalating the case to me for approval to refund the amount.

The movie is not over yet!!!

It was a busy day and my mail box was full. My eyes caught up with the subject words in my Inbox – “Escalation -Lady Passenger, Bus did not pick her” and the mail had the summary of the issue.

Does refund solve the issue? I picked up the phone and called Karthika to convey my apology, She sounded gallant. This caught my attention on a few points and after conversing with her on that day’s situation, I was thinking over it, while riding, while cooking and even before sleeping…Being a woman, I can understand the awkward situation Karthika went through.

Her words were taunting me over and over again.


IF SOMETHING UNFORTUNATE WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME? Wouldn’t you guys have been responsible to an extent apart from Ticket Goose and the operator??” asked Karthika.

KarthikaWhat may have changed the scenario? I though over. While Karthika said that the police guys were with her and assured her safety at 12:00 am in the night and also helped her with an auto. What happened to the bus driver, co-passengers and the auto driver?

None of them bothered to help a lady, who was alone. The bus driver could have checked with the travel agent/operator and paid off the auto. Even if one co-passenger would have bothered at least to get down and checked on what was happening, the story would have taken a twist? But instead it was said, that the co-passengers were shouting at the driver to move as they were getting late! And if the auto driver would have been kind to the lady, it would have been different; as he was aware it was too late in the night.

Whom do we blame: The bus driver, the co-passengers or the auto driver? I leave it to the readers!!

But, simple acts of kindness can make a big difference. We all need a little touch of heart sometimes!!


6 Responses to “Simple acts of kindness can make a big difference – Based on a true story!”
  1. Radha says:

    If the bus driver is not responding correctly at least co-passengers should have taken the responsibility.

  2. Ashwin Kumar says:

    Bus Drivers Perceptive: He is under tremendous pressure of taking the bus to the required destination and also he is being bogged down by the passengers to take the bus. With all this in mind, he should have been informed to pay for auto which I believe has not happened here. At end of the day he works for a very less salary and has to safely deliver all the passengers to the required destination.

    Auto Driver: After a very long time, the auto drivers have to use the meter to take any passengers around the city. How many of us know their suffering after this shift ? Their take home has been reduced drastically and it has been a very tough journey for them. He has his own commitments and which needs to be fed on a daily basis.

    Passengers: They have their own tensions and commitments. At this point in time people are not worried about the person who is sitting next to him if he is dying or sleeping. With all this it’s was already too late and the bus was still inside the city which would aggrevate them even further.

    THE MISTAKE/CULPRIT: Bus Operator, the one who diverted the bus route and not communicating to the passengers. The person did not have the courteousy to tell the truth at the first time. Also they did not care about their passengers, driver or the lady passenger. There has to be stricter license regulation and stronger revision of license in place BUT will that happen a BIG NO because even a pickpocket is threatening police saying he is so and so of local MLA or belongs to some union or party ! Change has to happen from te society and the system for that people have to change.

  3. Sudharsan says:

    I completely agree with u Sujatha.. who is to blame here..?? If something untoward had hapoened to this lady, the bus driver & auto driver wud be mourning by seeing the newspaper article & most of the passengers wud be commenting to show kindness.. but is this wat is expected of humans..
    Most of us r so good while commenting or liking or sharing posts.. but wat is that we need to exhibit is a simple act of kindness..
    Well narrated coverage..

  4. Vinay says:

    Kudos Sujatha.. Wonderfully Narrated.

  5. Yogesh says:

    I feel sorry for the girl, at-least passenger on the bus shud have helped her.. I can understand why the bus drivers didnt wanted to take the responsibility…

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