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tgblog Dec 04 2019

Sacred Holy Place- Amarnath Yatra

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Among all the most important divinity places, Amarnath Yatra is considered as a highly revered one. Most of the people who are the worshippers of  Lord Shiva will die to head Amarnath Yatra at least once in a lifetime. This is because Lord Shiva appeared as a natural Shiva Lingam in the cave which is considered a holy phenomenon. You can not step into Amarnath until the divine Yatra calls you. There are many myths about the Amaranth Cave and the most popular among the one Lord Shiva has to give up him on Parvathi’s demand to tell her the secret of immortality, but to secure that no one overhears, they set off for the Mountain cave where he narrated the Amar Katha to  Parvathi. His sacred bull was left behind at Pahalgam from where the lord and his wife began their clamber. People rush to see forms of Shiva lingam that rises to its full growth during Purnima night of the full moon and from this people believe that this was the day that lord let out the secret to Parvathi.


The route to Amarnath Yatra

To take up this Yatra you must be fit physically and mentally and to be prepared for the journey is essential. There are two ways to reach Amarnath one is Pahalgam and Baltal route,  but however, you should take a trek and the Pahalgam route is the traditional way to reach yatra it covers around 36-48 km and the Baltal route is the shortest route it covers 16 km. Helicopter services also available on both routes.

Don’t you feel goosebumps on hearing about this Yatra, really it’s a great wonder to reaching and getting back from  Amarnath Yatra? At least we should step once into Amarnath caves and get melted in Lords  Shiva blessings. Worried about your stay? Book your hotels online in ticketgoose.com and have a devotional stay.


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