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tgblog Nov 24 2017

Road Trips that’s Not to be Missed in a Lifetime!

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From howling winds to daunting fogs to irresistible cyclones, a fervid traveler never looks for any of these, rather he breaks the mundane routine of his and heads to a destination that’s not only known for the pleasant weather but that which treasures of great food and cutting-edge activities.

To have this one-man-thought, why prefer other modes of travel when TicketGoose’s newly launched Online Taxi Booking services are available where you ought to get the best comfort and twice the courteousness at top-notch fares that you deserve for. For this to happen, you need not be a Sailor holding your helm but a commuter hopping on for a lavish time around.

With all the thoughts heaped up, the next wonder would be a destination to unveil. Bet, a road trip across India is what mostly many admire of and that has to be on your bucket list. For easing your difficulty, here are the top three road trips that any tripper wouldn’t miss of;

1. Shimla to Manali

Agra rod trip

Amongst a lot of enthralling destinations, Shimla and Manali speak loud of its beauty that’s snuggled in nature’s lap and a road trip to this place is no less than publishing a memoir. En-route encounter some picturesque sight of the snow-capped mountains, ravishing sights of the valleys singing and waterfalls.

Distance- 250km

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2. Chennai to Pondicherry

Along the Eastern Coast where your eyes are busy sighting the lush greenery and recreational spots, a car ride along the coast is way too satisfying. Though it is a single road the looks of it truly inspire many to travel by trees on either side of the road. A tireless ride indeed!

Distance- 160km

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3. Delhi to Agra

Agra road trip

Both steeped down in history and tradition, a road trip to this place makes your visit exceptional. From chanting mosques and artistic monuments to one of the seven wonders of the world; The Taj Mahal, a visit here is a dream for many. Take a ride along the expressway with TicketGoose’s ornate- interior taxis.

Distance- 233km

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