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tgblog Mar 07 2018

Ratnagiri- The Port City!

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Situated along the coast- side of the Arabian Sea and on the Sahyadri Mountains, this port city in the Konkan region of Mumbai is one of the ideal spots for weekend getaways in the entire state of Maharashtra that offers a plenitude of sight-seeing locations and activities for tourists to indulge into. Among the varied hill stations and destinations that this state boasts of, Ratnagiri is on the top list when it comes to fun and entertainment, and why wouldn’t it? As most of the places in the city revolve around the profuse beauty of nature and legendary tales of historical background. For all those who have visited this quintessential city but missed the charm and, those who are yet to head to, do not miss visiting these destinations as they carry the realm with it;

1. Thiba Palace/ Thibaw Palace-

Thibaw Palace
Situated on a small hillock in the Ratnagiri town of Maharashtra, approximately 2km from the bus stand, this place is one of the major tourist attractions of our nation that was initially constructed by the British during the year 1910 to keep the Burma King under arrest, but was later turned to a museum and now most of it remains under renovation. This grandeur is a three-story structure with a sloping roof, semi-structured windows, and beautiful carvings and with the Buddha idol at the back of the palace increasing the charm of it.

2. Ratnadurg Fort-

Constructed by the Sultans three hundred years ago, this fort was built in the shape of horseshoe with a length approximately 1300m long and width 1000m. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea from all three sides, this fort is divided into three parts; upper for Balekilla, the middle one is Perth Fort and the lower one being Parkot. Amongst all these, the parkot one is the largest one that holds lighthouse in it. The attractive point is that there is a Bhagavathy Temple in the center of the palace coz of which the fort is called as Bhagawathi Fort.

3. Marleshwar Temple and Waterfalls-

Located at a distance of 65km from Ratnagiri and surrounded by Sehyadris mountain from all sides, Marleshwar Temple is one of the most-renowned temples that is believed to be built by Lord Parashuram and dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also believed that there is an existence of Cobra here near the Shivaling and that which hasn’t harmed anyone yet. Nice isn’t it? Another attraction to this place is the Dhareshwar Waterfalls that just adds charm to the place.

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