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tgblog Nov 21 2019

Rameshwaram-Dreams to reality

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The dreams of reality will come true in Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is a not to miss town in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamilnadu. This place will be the main tourist attraction for Hindus across the world. When you have a walkthrough Rameshwaram temple, you will be taking back to the Ramayana period. Not only it is known as temple city, but also it holds many magical destinations like Pamban Bridge, Dhanushkodi, Waterbird sanctuary…Etc.

If you are here, don’t miss to look at these places, take a look below and step into these beautiful destinations.

Ramanathaswamy Temple

Built-in the 17th century where the Hindu Devotees gather to this temple as part of their Char Dham Yatra. Lord Shiva owes in this temple with an architectural wonder of the longest and largest pillared corridors in the world. There are over 1200 grand columns each of which is beautifully carved and painted with a lion figure. In addition, to this, the temple is well known for its Dravidian style architecture.


Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge-One of the Rameshwaram’s marvel that evokes awe, which is known to be India’s first and longest sea bridge. You will feel wonder by having a look on the constructed place of Pamban land coz the rail bridge is, for the most part, a conventional bridge resting on concrete piers with a double-leaf bascule section midway, that can be raised to let ships and barges pass through. Don’t miss the view from the road, coz the architectural marvel speaks over there. You will spot a natural silhouette! Where you get to see “Silver Everywhere” when you have a drive via the Pamban Bridge.

“Architecture is a building but the best Architecture is a history”

Dhanushkodi- Ruins of Devastation

A serene beautiful land intertwined with mythology and history that is ruined and filled with telegraph building, where the storm wiped out the place where almost all traces of human settlements in 1964 and it also named as a ghost town. There is also an abandoned church that stands as a mute witness to the havoc wreaked by a powerful storm that hit the southern coast of India in 1964 and it was a commercial town in those days. When you are there, start listening to the sounds keenly and you may hear the sounds of agony and terror of the men, women, and children who perished in this town.

Water Bird Sanctuary

Bird Watchers must have a visit to this place, to witness native and migratory birds in the city’s water bird sanctuary. October to November is the perfect month to find different varieties of bird’s coz during that they will come here in large numbers for breeding and feeding.

Head to these beautiful places and save as life treasuring memories forever .which is said to be one of the vast bus booking portals of the travel industry.




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