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tgblog Aug 24 2018

Rakhi- The Promise of Love, Fun & Togetherness!

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One such bond that is indefinable is the beautiful bond between brother and sister that includes everything right from joy and fun to anger to love to care for each other. With the busy mundane routine of one and chaos everywhere, sometimes it is difficult to spend quality time with our siblings and family and thanks to this D-day; Rakhi that has helped brothers and sisters all around the nation to come together and celebrate this festival with great zeal and zest.

It is on this day, brothers and sisters take time from their busy schedule, book bus tickets online to reach their destination, purchase gifts to present to their buddy sisters and get themselves indulged in Rakhi rituals. Well, it is easy to sit online and search for the gifts that your sibling would like and courier it. But the true happiness comes only with your presence. So, the best gift that you can give to your sister or brother is your presence with them.

Well, in this era which is so modernized, our everyday friends can also be the best buddies or brothers of our life who care us to the extreme. No matter where they exist, just head to their destination by booking bus tickets at ticketgoose.com and cherish every moment spent there, starting right from the morning ritual to the final celebration. Because some relationships are more satisfied and give happiness that ought to make a huge difference in the lives of ours.

So, get excited to meet this grand day, purchase some Rakhis for your brothers and boys; do not forget to buy gifts for your sisters and just rock on! Also, by booking bus tickets online at India’s leading online bus ticket booking portal- TicketGoose, you will get 5% off on using code TGRAKHI! So, miss it not! Hurry Up!

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