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tgblog Jul 18 2017

Rajahmundry- Born City of Andhra Pradesh

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Rajahmundry is one of the finest lands located on the banks of the famous Godavari River with alluring landscapes, rich heritage, magnificent hills and the so called god-blessed city. It also has another name which is “The Cultural City of Andhra Pradesh” and it is called so because of its economic, cultural and historic eminence that had influenced many in the past and is still influencing a lot. The most interesting fact behind many calling it as the Born City is because of the poet Nannayya who was born here and gave script for making Telugu as the language of the city.

This place also has beautiful landscapes that has attracted many tourists so far and let us just take an insight on these places. The first being, Papi Hills; hills of the South. Yes, this hill is ideal for nature lovers who work the entire year and break from their routine just to enjoy the serenity of the beautiful mother earth hearing to gushing water sliding from its slopes, listening to the lullaby of the birds and fishing in the waters of this hill. An ideal place for a perfect makeover from your stress, don’t miss out.

Kadiyapulanka; a floweriest wouldn’t resist from visiting this place as it is known widely for the thriving horticulture and the floriculture on this land. Situated eight kilometers from Rajahmundry, this place’s soil is the main ingredient for the growth of rose, jasmine, lilies and chrysanthemums. Besides these, there is a flower fest that is organized every year in the month of January that on attending is nothing less than a beholder’s eye concept.


Kotilingeshwara Temple; constructed in the 10th century, this temple marks back the architecture of that time. There is a river, also known as the Kolam here which is surrounded by bathing gates. There are so many mythological facts about this place and one such is here King Ravana used to offer his prayers to Lord Shiva.

Kotilingeshwara Temple

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