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tgblog Nov 27 2017

Quick Travel Guide to Munnar

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What more delightful can it be than cuddling under the blanket and, sipping a hot cup of coffee with pakodas staring to chew them on the bedside table? Do it or die, a weekend out to any one of the hill stations toh banta hai yar! And, with this time of the year where snowfall’s at peak, your getaways can be fiery.
If you are looking out for a destination that holds; an ideal climate, activities that make the adrenaline rush, a pleasant weather and an adventure on every step- Munnar; “The Delight of South” has to in your travel bucket. Blessed with a phenomenal landscape, the persuading thick blankets of lush swathes of greenery and tea plantations along the contour of the hill, Munnar is a typical tourist hotspot. So, here there are several things to do in Munnar to have a relishing getaway;
1. Prepare your own Tea-

Tea estate
Have you ever wondered how the life of a tea planter would be? Right from tea leaves picking to processing to packaging, you can now become a part of every activity by visiting Thalayar Tea Estate. Spend a day in here experiencing some of the best firsthand tea packets that are just a few kilometers from the main town. This estate is perched on a hillock amidst rolling hills and peaks. Take a tour of the tea museum and appreciate the hard work of the tea planters in preparing what’s best for you.
2. Trekking-

Perched a thousand meters above the sea level and on a hillock surrounding plenty of green blankets, this Queen of hills is the best place for trekking. Start from your hotel early in the morning to have a classy time trekking past the dewy mountains to sighting the biggest tea estate and, finally catching a glimpse of elephants and bears. All this can take approximately four hours of your time.
3. Kalaripayattu Show-

It is one of the oldest, traditional yet the mother of all fighting styles of Kerala that has been adapted to various martial- arts variants like Judo, Karate, and Kung- fu. Watch this one hour show performed by skilled artists showcasing their fighting skills.
From mantles of tea and spice cultivations and tranquil environ to rolling hills and serene peaks, Munnar is packed with rich flora and fauna thus making it the picturesque destination of the Southern India.
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