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tgblog Dec 20 2017

Places to Visit near Mangalore!

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Mangalore, the Western State of Southern India is known as a commercial center in Karnataka. Recognised as one of the major ports near the Arabian Sea, it is residing along the coastline of the Western Ghats that offers best destinations for tourists to behold. Some of which are; Mangala Devi temple that is opened once a year and can be seen nestled amidst the forest, the very famous Manjunath Temple that holds bronze statues inside and Tannirbhavi beach that draws hoards of sightseers to this place.


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  1. Maple

Malpe is a port and a fish harbor in the Western State of Karnataka. This is located at the mouth of the river Udayavara that’s blessed with spectacular beauty. This river segregates the city by connecting like a bridge on greeneries on either side of the river. Further, the river also had an islet that is known for its magnificent look. Here, you can also find an island that’s worth visiting and an ancient fort.

  1. Jamalabad Fort

Located at a distance of 65 km from Mangalore, this fort was built by Tipu Sultan who was impressed seeing the gigantic granite structure. Hoisted at an altitude of 1700m above the sea level, on a huge hillock, this fort was formerly called Narasimha Ghada. Though the fort is in shambles now it’s reminiscent can be still be seen. This fort can be reached climbing 1876 steps all carved from granite and holds a single tank for preserving water.

  1. Venur

Situated on the banks of river Phalguni, this small village, Venur serves as a seat of Jainism that was once used to be a capital of the Ajila dynasty. Under the guidance of this dynasty, there is a Gomateswara also known as Baghwan Bahubali, built that covers a radius of 250km thus making it the most important tourists destinations of India. Thousands of devotees visit this monolith and anoint it with milk, saffron a, d sandalwood.

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