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tgblog Nov 13 2017

Places to Visit in Pune

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Before a weekend comes, the plan goes for the next week thereby leading to a nothing but a boring mundane life and an escapade from it would indeed mean a lot for office or school-goers. Considering this need-a-break aspect of many, a short and a charming getaway from your location to Pune will be very much astounding coz, the climate in Pune is not going to harm you in any ways; with the presence of a pleasant climate throughout the year.

The thick and rich blankets of greenery matching the luxurious and salutary clime with the semi-ruined architectural structures giving out a brief testimonial of what had happened there would just make you love this place. With all these, the destinations here would just not be enough to be adorned off;

1. Sinhagad Fort-

Also known as the Lion Fort, Sinhagad Fort was once the military hub of the Marathas which portrays their reign and valor. Speaking loud enough of their victory, this fort was built nearly 2000 years ago and a destination that is apt for trekking. Anyone who wishes to experience a small trek can visit this place and a visit during monsoons soothes your senses. There is also a Kali Temple hoisted here.

2. Parvati Hills-

Housed at an altitude of 2100 metres above the sea level, a stand on this hill can get you a complete view of the entire Pune city. It is not only famous for the panoramic scenery but also coz of the Parvati temple that is in here at the top of the hillock. This hill holds temples of Lord Ganesha, Lord Vitthal and Lord Vishnu and the presence of a stone pathway that leads to the Goddess shrine which itself depicts the art work of the ancient era.

3. Aga Khan Palace-

Erected by Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan II in 1892, this palace sprawls across a 19 acre land housing large verandas, palaces and halls, all of which are built in Islamic and Italians motifs with plenty of arches inside. This place holds a historic significance where post the Quit India Movement, Gandhiji and his wife were jailed here for two years and the ashes of his wife, Kasturba Gandhi still remains in one of the gardens.

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Bon Voyage!

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