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tgblog Dec 01 2017

Part 1- Why Should CSK be your Favourite Team?

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IPL is arriving early next year once again and after a ban of two years from IPL, people’s most loved and desired team; CSK is returning. Therefore, it is going to be a moment where one can be seen with great zeal and fervor commemorating the return of the team and every win, the team aims for. Well, it is not the end coz every wicket the team players take, it is going to be a head-on toe moment for the CSK fans and the others. Whatever be the situation, don’t skip any of the matches’ coz no one knows what ending it can result in.


So, to whom would you give the credit to? Will it be to the Bowlers or the Batsmen? It has to be the entire team because team- spirit, coordination, passion, and strength is what CSKiers are known for, and for the other siders; those who prefer other teams than CSK, let me take you to what CSK owns off, then bet, you are going to change your view on CSK and become a CSK fan. In this blog, I will write about that one person who’s everyone’s favorite and shook the nation with some of his miraculous last moment decisions and spectacular shots. Already a living- legend and the pride of the nation;

Dhoni- Known for his Helicopter Shots-

Yes, M. S Dhoni; the ex-captain of the Indian Team and the skipper of the CSK squad is a legend indeed in the game of Cricket. From batting to being a skipper to stumping, if there’s someone who is a master at all then it has to be only Dhoni. Imagine a legend leading the CSK team, so, how fun and thrill, is it going to be? A true masterpiece in this sport, right? The already two-time champions of IPL under his leadership are going to thrive extremely hard this time in their home ground- Chepauk.

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