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tgblog Nov 06 2017

Paris of the East – Pondicherry

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Aren’t you tired of sticking on to the same location for months? I can understand your voice, in two days of leave where we can go? Here is the place you can go and spend your time with your family for a day. It’s none other than Pondicherry. You may think what is special in visiting Pondy, here are few places to be visited in Pondicherry that will change your thinking completely. Pondicherry is the largest union territory of India; it is one of the popular tourist places in India. Colonial buildings, temples, churches, statues along with the French culture attract the tourists to visit this place again and again.

1. Paradise Beach – It is an isolated beach situated in Chunnambar, close to Pondicherry town. The beautiful part in reaching this beach is by ferry from boathouse across backwater which takes around 20-30 minutes. During monsoons, the backwaters will be fresh and green; riders can spot lot of birds while on the ride. The texture of the sand will be soft and grainy. Best time to visit this place is early morning.

2. Auroville Ashram – Pondicherry’s “Universal town”, it attracts the visitors by its architecture. It is a circle of radius 1.25kms, centre of the city is famous for Matrimandir along with the gardens surrounding it. The speciality of the Matrimandir is that the visitor can watch the video about the concept of the city then with the sound of the water and cool breeze provides a perfect atmosphere for meditation. The mandir is an architectural masterpiece with a 30m high globe with a lotus-shaped foundation urn. It will take around 10-12 minutes from the gate to the centre.

3. Seaside promenade – One of the best parts of Pondicherry’s French roots is its beautiful seaside promenade. This area is well maintained, clean and beautiful and the visitor can feel the beauty sitting in any of the cafes at the promenade. The best time to visit this place us during sunny day or daring night to enjoy the cool breeze.

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