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tgblog Aug 14 2018

Paragliding in Kamshet!

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“Call out to the Mother Nature and She will Show what she Holds Off”! With rich terrains, topography that holds marvelous destinations and tradition of the bygone era that’s still being followed, the list of destinations is never-ending. Just that some stay hidden like pearls underwater and needs time for its excavation. While some choose spine-chilling destinations some other prefer adventure activities. For the adventure enthusiasts out there, all ears here! Kamshet, located 110km from the Mumbai city is a rugged terrain with lush greenery and hills covered on its sides that is known for the much-fabled Paragliding activity!

Glide above through the skies and get an ideal view of the topography below. Bet, when you do this, it will be the best moment of your life.

How Does the Paragliding Work?

Usually, Paragliding when done, it is done in tandem which means you can travel only with a qualified pilot. The pilot maneuvers the speed of the jump and the direction of the parachute. All you need to do is open your eyes and relish the beautiful experience of paragliding. It’s time that even you get a chance to touch the skies and fly like a bird.

Where to Avail this Facility?

There are hefty numbers of paragliding companies that offer great experiences but before you embark onto any, please do check that the instructors and pilots are qualified enough. Do not just stop searching for the adventure companies alone. Some of the best and popular firms offering this service are Nirvana Adventures, Adrenaline Hunter, and Temple Pilots.

When to go?

Before you plan for the trip, make yourselves aware that the company may cancel or reschedule your trip at any time and you confirm with them once before you head. When looking onto the time, it is best visited during the morning or late afternoon when the wind is gentle and not blustery.

How to Get there?

Kamshet is located in close proximity to Pune and so, one can easily book outstation taxis to this part of India by logging onto ticketgoose.com. Hurry up and give life to your camera lens.

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