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tgblog Sep 09 2016

6 Not-So-Popular Mosques to Visit

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Eid ul Adha is nearly here. One of the most important religious events Eid Ul Adha is praised with enthusiasm and oomph. It is the second most renowned celebration of Muslims. Eids are famous especially for their diverse yet tasty recipes cooked during the festival. And Eid ul Adha is no exception. The custom is to sacrifice animals and make delectable food from the meat and dine with your friends and family. The ladies of the house invest hours to cook tasty Eid ul Adha special recipes for family and visitors. Muslims around the globe trust that Allah (God) summoned […..]

tgblog Sep 06 2016

7 tips to recover from a long weekend holiday

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Huh! It’s been crazy long weekend. I have no idea about others, but it was for me at least. Chennai is Monsoon rains can turn any normal person mad (pun intended). I was getting back home from work on Thursday evening, was so elated thinking about the long weekend ahead. And then crap happened. I got trapped in a bus due to water logging on the roads, the traffic went stand still. I reached home somehow after two hours; usually, it takes only half an hour to reach my area by that road. When I reached home my roommate told […..]

tgblog Sep 02 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in 5 major cities

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The pandals are almost set in most of the places for Ganesh Chaturthi, the festivity which is dedicated to Ganesha or the Elephant head God, the second son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. There are different versions of how Ganesha got elephant head. Long story short, it is believed that angry Shiva severed the head of Ganesha. The devtas could manage to find only a baby elephant’s head and this had to be fixed on Ganesha’s head to bring him back to life. This festival is celebrated for 10 days almost all over India. For many God believer or […..]

tgblog Aug 30 2016

10 Tips to Travel Safe by Bus

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May it be a local bus or train, taking public transport is always an arduous task. Journeying by flight to the nearest city is much easier. People, as always busy most of their life, prefer comfort, luxury and short duration over cost. To entice more and more passengers, even many airlines and travel operators come up with cheap flight fare offers. But sometimes it’s worth to hit the road. Opt for night buses and you won’t have to worry about annoyingly long security check and boarding queues. Taking bus journey means, no worries of standing in the long check-in queue, […..]

tgblog Aug 26 2016

An Ideal Grueling Overnight Bus Journey from Chennai to Kanyakumari

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It’s Friday evening; I had my bag packed, ready to be picked from my room at 6:30 pm after finishing my classes. Had never been this excited before to go on a trip. This was my first ever all girls trip. The excitement of journeying by bus from Chennai to Kanyakumari with friends soared as the time came closer to catch the bus. Though the first choice was to take the train, but as usual with Indian railways, there were no seats available. All friends gathered in Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal on time. Could see everybody so excited about the […..]