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tgblog Jul 13 2018

Try for Adventurous Activities In Mussoorie

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Bored on living or leading your life on the same planet? Common, lets shift to paradise, you might think what the place would be, Am I right? Yup, the paradise is said to be the one and only Mussoorie.The Mussoorie hill station is located in the foothills of  Garhwal Himalayan Range Dehradun district.It is one among many wonderful hill stations and it is known to be the Queen of Himalayan Resources blessed with many adventurous activities like Mountaineering,Rafting, Roller Skating andyou can also taste the Tibetian food over here. Then what else do you want when all you wanted is […..]

tgblog Jul 10 2018

Everything you must Know- Traveling by Bus!

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Prepping will always be the tedious task if planned for any destination. So, rather than spending your time selecting what cabs to book for or convincing your friends for a bike ride, I suggest you visit ticketgoose.com and make an online bus ticket booking coz anywhere you turn, you would get to see different categories of coaches, as all of them are partnered with the firm. So, be it visiting the hilly terrains of the North, pristine shores of the West, architectural monuments of the South instilled deep in history or the lush greeneries of the East, India is a […..]

tgblog Jul 07 2018

Lansdowne- The Best Weekend Getaway!

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Situated at an altitude of 1706m above the sea level, this untouched and unspoiled destination in the district of Uttarakhand attracts tourists from all around the world just to get them imbibed in the pristine and serene environment and clear mountain air that gives out an awe-striking feel. Along with these, traverse on the zig-zag trail that is a forty km ride to the hilltop sighting the charming different species of flowers that seem to be embedded onto the lush green blankets sprawled over the mountains. For an unforgettable experience and for an ideal weekend getaway, make an online bus […..]

tgblog Jul 06 2018

India’s Most Stunning Lakes!

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There is always so much to talk about the word; India. Right from the ravishing topography to amazing culture and traditions to unity to mesmerizing landscapes, India has got everything that a tourist wishes to delve into leaving behind a plethora of imaginations. With so much of rich legacies buried deep under the sands to languages to cuisines that are finger licking, India is also a base for overseas trade as it is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on the East to the Indian Ocean on the South and the Arabian Sea on the West. Apart from rich natural […..]

tgblog Jul 04 2018

Places to go to Kerala during Monsoons!

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Kerala is a dreamland for both the tourists and trekkers’ coz of the amazing landscape it holds of. Also, it is a plethora of azure backwaters or beaches and pristine shores of the west and the hill stations that are all worth a sight. Such is this green land that’s covered with meadows and lush blankets of greenery that are sights to behold and with rain drizzles all around, this place is just as astonishing as it seems to be making us wait for monsoons. There are several places here for you to get indulge in that ought to make […..]