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tgblog Oct 16 2017

Outstation Taxi- Why opt Us?

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On an average of 15 out of 20 people, we can see that cabs have been their prime preference than any other mode of transport. So, what is it that is making them opt for it; is it the easiness or the comfort? Yet, the travel tale of woe continues as the customers face issues that are way thrashing, to name some; safety of the female travelers, improper behavior of the Chauffeurs, lack of transparency and the unavailability of taxis when required.

So, to overcome these hurdles and offer a smoothe travel to our customers, TicketGoose has launched a service that’s not only mesmerizing but way beneficial than the normal ones as this facility has made it easier and affordable for those who wish to commute to outstation at a lesser fare.
To put light on its uniqueness;

1. Transparent and Organized-
These days, people prefer that every service they opt for is transparent to not get it charged more and so, this facility has been taken care of and is seen that all the charges per km are priorly known to the customers and do not include any hidden charges. You can visit ticketgoose.com to make your bookings as it is simple, easy and well-organized.

2. Courteous Staff & Women’s safety-
It is the concern of many, whether it is safe traveling but we assure you that we check all the details of the drivers before appointing them and see to it that they are courteous enough. We also assure you that our service is safe for all the women travelers out there.

3. Pay for Just One Way-
If you are traveling from Chennai to Vellore, you will be paying only for your one-way trip as the return trip is completely free thus making it approximately 30% less on your fares as compared to other cab aggregators.

4. On-time Service-
You need call and speak to multiple vendors for boarding your cab as our services are always on-time.

Thus, do not miss the option of hitting the highways with our outstation taxis (the first of its kind and a life-changer) and availing huge discounts on every go.

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