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tgblog Jan 17 2018

Offbeat Destinations in Chennai!

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There is not a confluence of hills or thickets of lush greenery in the coastal tiny tod of Southern India- Chennai, but a mystical walk on the lands showcasing primordial era is as vibrant as ever. From luscious foods to majestic architectures of temples to azure and serene beaches, this temple city is a dreamland for tourists all over the globe. Religious sites, museums, gardens, galleries, historic monuments are some of the spots ejecting out an appealing and explicit charm. Well, the list is not over as it just goes on and on. Scroll down to see what awaits in your bucket list;

1. Nettukuppam-

When it is all about beaches, then any photographic buff wouldn’t miss visiting this place, it is a beach in the northern tip of Thalankuppam city, Nettukuppam that is around 24km from Chennai. This beach is famous for its tranquillity and serenity and can be seen crowded most of the time. Locals refer to this place as the broken bridge and there is a saying that when you stand near the shore during a high tide, there is cent percent surety that you would get drenched.

2. Thousand Lights Mosque-

Dedicated to the Shia community, this mosque is a marvel in itself with its architectural magnificence. The most delighting part in here is the 1000 lights that are lit inside the mosque and that is the reason why it got its name. The main entrance is enclosed by twin minarets and multiple domes and that is men pray. There is also a separate room for women to offer prayers.

3. Connemara Public Library-

Built during the 19th century, this library holds over 600,000 books from adverse categories that any avid reader or a scholar would love to read and use information from this book for their research and so, this is called Asia’s largest library holding records of everything. Lovely isn’t it?

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