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tgblog Dec 27 2018


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I hate new year for a very single thing, the horrors of travel. It is the time of the year when we won’t even have a breathing space when we travel. I will think to myself, “Christmas a big holiday, so everyone will be with their family, who else is going to travel during New Year?”. Everyone actually thinks the same way, nearly 50% of the population travel during New Year (PS: don’t google the statistics, you won’t find this stat anywhere other than this blog :-P). Now a days, thanks to ticketgoose.com i can get tickets, but there was a time, it was a dark age when I had to fight for my bus tickets!! You can ask me, what about train? Yes. I have 100% confident that i will get a confirmed birth with my 150th waiting list! Most of the tickets would be booked but the travels would reserve certain tickets so that they could see at higher price later, when the demand is higher. I am from Coimbatore and the demand for bus tickets for this route during New Year is as bad as demand for “Thalaivar Movies”, OMG!

There was this New Year when I messed up ticket bookings. Yes I was lazy, but that is not the point here, Tried bus tickets – no tickets available, Next, Train – 87 waiting list, very good, flight – Rs. 3500 Hahahaha NOPE, Next, back to bus! My friend told me, “dood, go to the bus stand directly, you can get instant tickets, definitely prices less than 1500.” Sounds reasonable!  At least I don’t need to spend 3500 for a flight! Went to the bus stand, and I could see the crowd! Even now, I will get PTSD remembering that crowd! Ah the horror!! I freaked out, How will I get tickets? I cannot go to my home even after 10 years, looking at that crowd! I calmed myself down and thought it through. ”Chennai is a big city & people are here from everywhere. So I need to go to the place where I can catch buses to Coimbatore! Simple as that!!”. I got a clarity and went to the Coimbatore side bus stand. Density of the crowd din’t reduce at all! Every 5 min, A bus would unfreeze the available tickets and a crowd would rush to get tickets. What Am I supposed to do now? I waited at least for an hour when I got an opportunity! A conductor came to me and asked if I wanted bus tickets to erode? Erode? No I wanted to…… Wait? Erode is 100 km away from Coimbatore and I can get frequent buses to Coimbatore! I immediately said yes. I got the tickets for 700 rupees. (NO AC BTW) When I boarded the bus was when I felt relaxed.

Reached Erode after 8 hours. And got into a connecting bus to Coimbatore and reached after 10 hours. That was an experience of life time!

Never forget  30th December 2014.

Once I got introduced to ticketgoose.com, travelling had never been easy. Now a days I am able to travel whenever I want without any issues! I am attempting a 30th travel again, but now I have booked my tickets, I am excited for my Journey. If you are planning for a New Year travel, book from ticketgoose.com

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