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tgblog Nov 05 2014

Nandi Hills – A Misty Paradise above the Clouds

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Looking for a break this weekend to spend time in a misty hilltop above the clouds? Is it not a good idea to have a refreshing getaway to the hills to beat the heat? If you are a nature-lover, a retreat trip to Nandi Hills is a perfect destination for lovers and honeymooners to hangout, laze around and spend some romantic time with your loved ones. Nandi Hills is a popular destination bestowed with untouched natural bliss and serenity; and if you are a sports-lover looking out for some action sports amidst the lush green hilly slopes, this place can be your favorite destination in no time! Read on to know how.

Nandi Hills, Bengaluru - Lovers spot in paradise

Lovers spot in paradise (photo courtesy- adventuresofpotlibaba.wordpress.com)

Journey to Nandi Hills, Bengaluru

Getting to Nandi Hills from Bangalore is just a two hours drive by car. However, owing to the mode of transportation, the travel time may vary as it requires a steep hill climb to reach the top. There are several cabs as well as bus services available on rent to help you reach the destination point. However, driving to this enchanting place might be a good idea as it offers ample opportunities to enjoy the divinity of the tranquil place as you stop by in between the places. The road is an excellent public road network that links up important places like Bangalore and Chikkaballapur via Bangalore-Hyderabad National Highway.
The misty hill spot is a perfect getaway this summer that opens up a chain of foothills surrounded by refreshing meandering landscape. Away from the main city of Bangalore at a distance of 65 km, this breathtaking spot is located to the north of the city. Nandi Hills is also known as Nandidurg because of the ancient fortress built by Tipu Sultan, being located here. The base of the foothills merges with the rolling green slopes that converge with almost 40 curves till the top to meet the hill point. There are milestones to guide you with the distance updates as you hop along. Nandi Hills is blessed by a moderate and very favorable temperature throughout the year that makes the place a truly worth visiting.

Looking Around

If you are lucky enough to reach at the hill top before dawn, the mesmerizing sunrise view that welcomes you is sure to leave you spellbound. The magnificent view of the clouds drifting along the hilltops emanates a blissful feeling. The excitement doubles up once you set your foot onto the meandering curves and steep bends that dominate the road. This will certainly tempt you to try out some exciting adventures such as trekking, biking, cycling, paragliding and more. The small food stalls that pop up in between the roadways are quite enticing to drop by and munch some quick snacks on-the-go.

Nandi Hills, Bengaluru - A rare sunrise view from hilltop

A rare sunrise view from hilltop (photo courtesy-Mohammad Omar Ahmadi, flickriver.com)

Places to Visit

Once you reach Nandi Hills, don’t forget to visit the Tipu’s Drop- a 600 km high cliff that depicts a historic tale of the prisoners’ killings who were convicted during the war. Right from the cliff point situated at the top of the Nandi hills, an amazing view of the hill ranges can be witnessed. The other places of attraction to visit are the Bhoga Nandieeshwara Temple, Sri Ugra Narasimha Sri Yoga Narasimha, the Gandhi Nilaya and the Nehru House. The beautiful water lake of Amruth Sarovar and the secret passage are also interesting locations to visit. A magnificent misty garden, enchanting sightseeing and the splendid hill peak point offer a refreshing treat to the eyes.

Climate in General

The temperature that reigns the beautiful terrain of Nandi Hills is always consistent throughout the year. The place experiences moderate rainfall from June till August that contributes to the preservation of the rich flora. Strong winds, mist, fog and cloud formation over the hill tops are all-time features that make this place a heavenly abode and a must-visit destination. The ideal time to visit this wondrous place is during the winter season, when a divine sensation and a scenic view that goes beyond one’s imagination can be experienced.

Nandi Hill, Bengaluru - A misty morning

A misty morning (photo courtesy-Abhilash Ramachandran, flickr.com)

Travel Guide

If you are self-driving, watch out for the sudden speed breakers that come on the way. The Nandi Hills uphill road climb is the only motorable road that consists of bends and turns before you reach the check point. Trails of 40 curves that await you are to be cautiously tamed, and they will lead to the entry point of the enchanting hill. It is also advised that you do not mess up with the aggressive monkeys on the way in order to avoid unpleasant situations as you drive along.

 ‘Cute’ monkey menace to avoid

‘Cute’ monkey menace to avoid (photo courtesy- berniegourley.com)

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