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tgblog May 11 2018

Nagpur- The City that Says a Lot!

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Mumbai, the capital city of every dreamer- Maharashtra is a metropolitan city that is known as one of the busiest cities in India also acronymed as “The Globe of Bollywood”. Fine, let’s not beat around the bush and for you to not get fooled around on hearing that the state boasts of its style and opulence, there is something more for one to know about it. This state vaunts of its winter capital that has an amazing literacy rate and holds RBI’s maximum gold chunks. If you are still finding it difficult figuring what it is, then let me help you, it’s Nagpur, also called as the Orange City and “The Tiger Capital of India”. Once known as a center of Maratha reign is now, a state of political importance and a place of the well-known Dalit Buddhist Movement. All, to cherish it for the generations to come.

Nagpur tiger reserve
Any diversion you take in here, all that you could get to see is liveability, greenery, healthcare indices and public transports. Besides being the largest reserves of the tiger in India, it also has a glorious past, making Nagpur a pleasing locality. If you are thinking to take a bus from to Nagpur, then either book via Jabbar Travels or Kaleswari Travels to make your journey the best and relaxing and not disturb your comfort. Here are few amongst the many things about this place that would leave you shocked.

The first is a double diamond crossing line in Nagpur that is rarely seen at other locations connecting destinations like Howrah- Rourkela- Raipur, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kazipet. Secondly, Nagpur is an abode to several tiger reserves in the nation thereby making Maharashtra the third largest place of tiger population and so, make your visit to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary to experience the adrenaline rush in seeing giant marks of paws on the ground. Next is a fire service college that was started in the year 1956 at the Old Settlement Commissioner Building. This location was chosen as it would be the best place for conducting fire drills. Another point that is worth sight-seeing is atop a hill that expresses a rich mythological belief; Ramtek Fort Temple, a temple where Lord Rama believed to have taken rest before leaving to Lanka, and thus, this temple is dedicated to Lord Rama.

Well, these are surely a little of the hefty spots present that would surely behold your eyes. So, if you are planning a visit to this attractive and sparkling destination then, I would suggest you book your bus tickets online at TicketGoose.com which is regarded as India’s leading online bus ticket booking portal coz every perfect visit requires an ideal journey and with TicketGoose, avail the comfort in booking like never ever.

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