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tgblog Aug 03 2019

My IPL Experience at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium

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The excitement of going to watch IPL cricket match @ Brabourne Stadium, India had taken a toll on all of us already since the past one week, especially when it was Mumbai Indians v/s Kolkata Knight Riders. We were striving hard to get tickets and we picked up the best of the merchandise of our favourite teams. And, we had already started to flash it to everyone on our smartphones. And then came the day we all were waiting for “22nd March 2010”. The day of the match we all were most awaited.

Upon reaching there I was so amazed, as you can see & hear nothing but a huge buzzing ground, Flashing glittering lights, bunch of team supporters flashing their favourite team jerseys and cheering loud and crazy. You get so mesmerised and feel so crazy in that atmosphere that it won’t take long to become one of them – one who will be flashing the team merchandise you bought of your favourite team’s – one who will be screaming out like mad cheering your team you love – one who will get so involved in being a part of that flashing ground that you definitely wanna forget the outer world.

mumbai crowd

It was one thing I have never seen or experienced before at all. Yes this was the first time I was actually at the stadium watching a cricket match. A game which I considered boring – which I couldn’t manage to see for 50 overs… But thank God we have T20 to watch… or I would have not even gone this time…I know, I know you think I’m a nut, but 50 overs was a big NO. I cannot take such an overdose!

I was so happy to be a part of all of this. The screaming not only for Mumbai Indians but also for KKR, shouting, dancing, singing, jumping on chairs, hating when the player got out, praying for that 1 run/1 four or 1 six to happen…Wow…was a totally different world. The screams of “Ho Ha Malinga” “Sachinnnnn” “We want 6” “Bhajji” “Jeetega Jeetega Mumbai Indians Jeetega” are still ringing in my head. Our hunger had died…the only priority was to see every ball which was being played. Every 4 or 6 made us scream out lungs out, get up on our chairs & dance crazily.

Sachin, 71 not out, The Miracle Man, playing skills made all of us actually bow down…made us keep wishing for more, more and more…He truly proved himself the GOD of CRICKET. His game actually made us feel that people I’m here and will forever be. DARE YOU FORGET ME!


The cheering on every 4 hit by Saurav Ganguly from KKR + the wicket he took of Tiwari, who has been playing the best in the young slot, is yet bringing goose bumps. As I said, Every 4 or 6 made us get up on our chairs & dance crazily, whether it was from Mumbai Indians or KKR don’t matter… all that mattered was the sport in itself. You feel one with everyone around you who you don’t know at all…but all worth it when you see your team play well and win! Mumbai Indians won and rocked My Experience @ Brabourne Stadium all the more. The best time ever in a long time!

Hope you had a good time reading the blog and have become better informed about the TGPL game and ticketgoose.com . If you have any doubts, do please write to us and we will have them clarified for you! Keep playing and keep winning TGPL. Cheers!

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