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tgblog Mar 29 2014

Mercedes Benz – The Lizard Replica

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Mercedes Benz 2Whenever we speak of German-made Mercedes-Benz, the picture which strikes through an average Indian mind is that of the flashy, stylish and roofless car wherein the elite travel as portrayed in Bollywood movies. However, as appealing as the brand may be, many would be surprised to discover that the popular brand has been a part of the heavy vehicle fraternity too.

Bus travel in India has recently been revolutionised with the induction of luxury air conditioned buses. Gone are the days when potential bus travelers would be scared with thoughts of hard seats, bugs and mosquitoes at night, uncomfortable jerking, lack of sleep and boredom. All such worries have been put to complete rest with the entry of luxury buses. People now even dare to venture on journeys longer than 18 hours thanks to the soothing experiences.

The household name these days related to luxury buses is Sweden-based Volvo, with its services which include both inter and intra city buses. It operates under EvoBus GmbH, which is owned by Daimler AG.

Close to defying gravity:

Let us go into some details. The bus is very identical to other luxury buses in terms of looks, but can be easily distinguished with the logo on the front end of the vehicle. Tested on numerous challenging surfaces, the bus has been able to successfully pass a lot of those tribulations. The most unique feature included the successful halt and ride over the 90-degree-steep bend, or in simple words the ride on the track situated at an angle of 90-degree from the normal road. This feature resembles a lizard scaling on our walls. It even has the remarkable quality of staying stable even on wet roads accompanied by sudden changes of lanes. The crosswind engine is also said to generate wind speeds of storm force 9. In terms of safety and security, passengers can be rest assured that they are in safe hands while travelling in this bus.

Take a look for yourself on their official website as to what a robust piece of machine the bus proved to be during its test session in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim –

Built for a soothing experience:

Moving away from the technical details, the bus also offers many facilities which will be of tremendous joy to the traveler. Some of them include 45 executive, comfortable and luxurious seats along with eye-pleasing interiors and night lamps. Two foldable LCD television screens for travellers’ entertainment are also present. Last, but not the least, the bus is eco-friendly in nature too as its engine complies with the Euro III emission standards.

Besides being a brand in itself, the bus is slowly gaining popularity in the Indian markets. Some reputed inter-state bus operators such as Chennai-based Parveen Travels have drafted a couple of Mercedes-Benz buses in its fleet. It’s all thanks to such buses that long journeys have now turned into a pretty good experience.

So, are you ready to experience a journey on a slightly different level with a mixture of comfort and technology? Share your adventures with us.


2 Responses to “Mercedes Benz – The Lizard Replica”
  1. Manik Barbhuiya says:

    Excellent narration about the bus journey.

  2. Manik Barbhuiya says:

    Very educative article about the advantages of bus journey . Given chance I would love to travel in such bus.

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