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tgblog Apr 12 2014

Majestic: The Hub of Arrival and Departure

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All of us identify Majestic in Bangalore with the crowded bus stand. Passengers waiting interminably to board their buses; people looking for information; some running around with luggage looking lost; while others relaxing and having snacks at the various stalls nearby; and buses moving in and out of the terminals or parked haphazardly. The scene may look chaotic to an outsider observing the crowd oblivious to their knowledge, but Majestic also known as Kempegowda Bus Stand is the place from where you will get a bus for travelling anywhere in Bangalore city as well as outside the city and the state.

This boarding point in Bangalore has amazing statistics. It draws nearly 9 lakh commuters every day.  Not to mention the 17,000 daily trips the buses make through the bus terminals! It is not only the availability of buses that makes Majestic a travelers’ hub, but also the proximity it shares with all the major areas in Bangalore like the Bangalore International Airport (34 km), Madiwala (10 km), Koramangla (9.5 km) and Electronics City (20 km) that it makes it a popular departure as well as arrival point. Bangalore Railway Station situated opposite the bus terminals coupled with hundreds of budget hotels in the area make this place a preferred choice for tourists.


With the metro rail project expected to connect this place with other important destinations in the city, it will be even more convenient for commuters travelling to Majestic to board their buses. In case you have not booked your ticket in advance, this is also a place where you can easily book bus tickets for travelling to other cities. Also, someone had rightly said: “If you get lost in Bangalore, go to Majestic from where you will get a bus to your destination.” If you are all confused at the bus terminal, there are several inspectors at the counters who can come to your aid.

The 34-year-old Majestic Bus Stand got its name from a film theatre with an identical name close by.  Later, it was rechristened as Kempegowda Bus Station (KBS) named after the founder of Bangalore, Kempe Gowda I.  However, people still prefer to call it by its former name.

The bus terminals remain crowded throughout the day, but towards midnight, the crowd starts receding only to be back in full swing after a few hours.

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