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tgblog Nov 17 2018

Madhya Pradesh- The Historic City!

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Madhya Pradesh though we know as the central state of the nation is engulfed deep in history and so is called the historic state. With Indore as its capital and Gwalior as its historic capital, the state is blessed with rich topography, amazing wildlife, sub-tropical climate and a home to several rare endangered species, all of which are sights to behold. The state has several historic palaces, over 9 national parks, 18 biosphere reserves, and many natural reserves, due to which there is an average tourist footfall of 80% thus raising the ecotourism of the country. The true grandeur of the state can be tasted only when visited such destinations that are known for their intricacy and simplicity. So, below is the list of spots to cover and if you are an interested traveler willing to take around to these, make your bus ticket bookings immediately at ticketgoose.com;

  1. Lakshmana Temple-

Located at a distance of 900m from Khajuraho Bus Stand, this temple was built by the Chandela Kings that houses Lord Vishnu as the deity. Though the divine Trinity Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma can be spotted at the entrance of the shrine, the temple has intrinsic designs of over 600 deities on its walls. It is regarded as one of the oldest structures of the temple groups of Khajuraho.

  1. Dhuandhar Falls-


Dhuandhar Falls is an acronym for ‘smoke and flow’ and so this waterfall is called as a smoky cascade. Located in the Bhedagat district of Jabalpur, the roaring and gushing sounds of the waterfall is as soothing as ever to the eyes. This 30 feet waterfall that is created by River Narmada adds charm to the scenic beauty thus making it an ideal location for photography and nature lovers. Cable car service is also available. Try riding in those to experience a different view of the showers.

  1. Panna National Park-

Panna National Park or Panna Reserve is the fifth largest tiger reserve of Madhya Pradesh India that was founded in the year 1981. Besides the fact that it is a home to several wildlife species like Jackal, Nilgai, Chinkara, Sambhar and Wild Boar, there is an enchanting waterfall- Pandav Falls that wait to attract your eyes in the park. This reserve is located at a distance of 92km from Khajuraho Bus Stand.

So, what have you planned? These destinations ought to enchant you forever! Hurry up and book bus tickets to avail exclusive bus ticket offers.

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