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tgblog Jul 07 2018

Lansdowne- The Best Weekend Getaway!

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Situated at an altitude of 1706m above the sea level, this untouched and unspoiled destination in the district of Uttarakhand attracts tourists from all around the world just to get them imbibed in the pristine and serene environment and clear mountain air that gives out an awe-striking feel. Along with these, traverse on the zig-zag trail that is a forty km ride to the hilltop sighting the charming different species of flowers that seem to be embedded onto the lush green blankets sprawled over the mountains.

For an unforgettable experience and for an ideal weekend getaway, make an online bus ticket booking at ticketgoose.com and head to this place to cherish viewing;

  1. Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple-

Tarkeshwar got the name from an Asur (demon) named Tarkasur who was in immense meditation at this place to please Lord Shiva for availing a boon of immortality which the Lord agreed to but said only his son could kill him and once the boon was granted, he started threatening gods and soon turned evil and to stop this act of his, Lord Karthikeya killed him but at the time of his death, he begged Lord Shiva for pardoning him and that’s how the name got attached to the temple’s name. This temple is located nearly at an altitude of 2000metres.

  1. Tiffin Top-

Tiffin Top is a picnic spot located on the mountaintop nearly at an altitude of 2000metres besides St. Mary Church making it an ideal weekend getaway for family and friends. There is a sunset point at a little higher level that which is truly cherishing on sighting the large ball of fire hiding amidst the snow-capped peaks. Just amazing!

  1. St. Mary’s Church-

Located near the Tiffin Top at a distance of 2.5km from Lansdowne Market, St. Mary Church is an Anglican church that was built in 1896 but due to some reasons it was closed in the year 1947and was later turned to a museum by the Garhwal Rifles Regimental Centre. You can take a tour inside watch a ten minutes documentary on the history of Lansdowne and Garhwal Rifles.

So, before it’s too late head to this destination!

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