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tgblog Sep 26 2018

Lambasingi- Mini Kashmir of South

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A land of green where you can fill with romantic dreams in the sprinkling of snows that you will be getting mesmerized. Yep, a small town with an altitude of 1000 metres above the sea   level positioned in the Vishakhapatnam district which is always known to be the mini Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. A best place to get rid of all pressures and tensions out of our mind and you can feel fresh. If you step into this place you deserve more than what you seek. Dream it by having a sip of tea with nature surroundings that will make you feel fresh and so romantic. The most important part of this town is the temperature goes below 0 degree Celsius in winter.

You will be astonished by relaxing here and you won’t feel to move from this place when you step into this place.

Thus life is an only opportunity and you should live at the moment by discovering new places and make your life a memorable one.  Are you ready to step in to this wonderland? If so, start your journey by booking bus tickets online in Ticketgoose.com which is said to be one of the best bus booking portals in India.

Kothapali Waterfalls

Kothapali Waterfalls is one of the popular picnic spots among the tourists which is said to be the undelightful part of happiness. This Kothapali waterfall is located 27 km far away from Lambasingi and you will get stunned by the beauty of Kothapali waterfalls. Common let’s all get together to look at this nature’s beauty.

Kothapeli Waterfalls

Ghat Road

Getting disturbed on spending time with your loved ones? If so your place is here which is known to be the Ghat road. This lonely, peaceful place into the woods is a must visit destination for all couples. You might think why it’s so special? Both the sides of Ghat road is covered with full of woods with the blankets of fog and it remains silent. Imagine that if you have a walk in this amazing place you will be lost in yourself by nature. Why to wait, when this beautiful place waits for us.


Sprawling of Pepper & Coffee Plantation

If you do enter into this place the aroma of coffee and pepper will pull you aside and the major source of income is through plantation of pepper & coffee which is exported to US and many European nations.

Common let’s rock and roll to Lambasingi by making  a tale of memories that we will cherish for our life time . Now, start booking your bus tickets in Ticketgoose.com with best bus ticket offers.

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