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tgblog Nov 13 2017

Kodaikanal- The Gift of Nature!

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Kodaikanal meaning, “The Land of the Forests” is no less than a God’s gift with its remarkable and splendid destinations to look forth. Earlier, a weekend and Summer getaway by the Britishers is now a landmark that’s most visited by hoards of tourists at any time of the year just to encounter the rich blankets of green hills and experience the perfect blend of charm and environ. Would you not wonder the reason for why it is flocked always;

Well, here are some of the top-notch places for why its named as renowned and for you to not head anywhere, ride South to Kodai for its;

1. Kodai Lake-

Row, row, row a boat. Ride in any one of the boathouses, Shikara or a pedal boat for you to have an ideal getaway with your friends and family. The Kodai town centered across the trailing lake makes it just heart-filling to watch the bright shine of the sun fall on its ripples and its serenity. You can also go cycling around the lake.

2. Solar Observatory-

This place ain’t for adrenaline seekers alone as for all the science lovers out there who are in search of a great time, this observatory in Kodaikanal is going to catch your breath off. As old as the town, this white domed Solar Observatory located at the tip of the Palani Hills offers a scenic view of the stars that are more than adoring.

3. Thalaiyar Falls-

Thalaiyar Falls

An encapsulating view of a massive 975 feet tall waterfall that just makes you feel astounding and that which would send your camera still to frenzy can be adorned here in Kodaikanal where Thalaiyar Falls looks nothing less than a mermaid’s tail. Yes, the gushing and propagating falls of this location ain’t lose your hope here.

Thus, life’s all about unveiling new facts and discovering what’s left behind and a traveler never misses both of these. So, start your tour right away with this Southern hill station that would make you want to visit it again and again. For your easiness, make your bus ticket bookings nowhere than ticketgoose.com.

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