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tgblog Oct 18 2019

Kodai Special-Want! -TicketGoose

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As everyone knows only Kodaikanal is known to be the  “Princess of the hill station” and for deserving nature. Not only nature, but there is also a hidden truth beyond this nature. Eager to know? Well! Go through the blog to know more about the hidden specialty of Kodaikanal. Without buying these things from Kodaikanal it would become a black mark on you.

Home Made Chocolates

Kodaikanal is the hometown of every chocolate lover because it’s known for its authentic, tasty homemade chocolates. Where you can find different kinds of homemade chocolates which is being sold at every nook and corner of the town. You can enjoy the taste of all chocolates, they are so cheap and tasty and will be perfect to buy for your loved ones.

homemade chocolates


The spices are not only the tasty ingredients for food, but the spices in Kodaikanal also adds the medicinal value of the life to go long. If you are considering your health don’t forget to buy all the packet of spices available in Kodaikanal at a cheap rate with good quality.


Herbal and Ayurvedic Oils

Kodaikanal is also famous for a wide variety of herbal and Ayurvedic plants along with the growth of the spice.This plenty of Ayurvedic plants which are made to extract essential oils and these oils are bought by several top spa chains in the country. These essential oils are also used for medicinal purpose which includes therapeutic treatment. These essential oils are used as best for external remedies.

herbal oil

Kodai Cheese

It is a cheese moment to taste the Kodai Cheese. Many varieties of cheese are made like gouda, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, and even blue cheddar cheese. Their mouth-watering taste and quality made adds to their uniqueness. You can try to taste here and take some to use back home.

kodai cheese

Potters Shed

The top handcrafted items are made to shed in the pottery shed. The handmade, stoneware potteries are made to produce here. These are famous for its beauty and artistry works with durability in nature. You can find lovely pottery items that are unique and colorful and the eyes are made so attractive.

potters shed

These are the hidden secrets of Kodaikanal. Are you aware of now? Get ready pack up and start travel with ticketgoose.com online bus booking portal and shop the valuable items in Kodaikanal.


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