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tgblog Jun 26 2018

Kasol- The Amsterdam of India

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Beauty always beholds the eyes of many and it’s beauty that lies hidden amidst secrecies that which gives clue for its existence and one such beauty that has marked its level the best and that which is regarded as the Amsterdam of India is Kasol, a tourist spot in the tiny town yet highly searched place of India- Himachal Pradesh which is regarded as a gift from the god. This charming village Kasol has beautifully nestled Sylvan Hills where, reside the Parvati Valley that is at a confluence of Parvati River and Beas River amalgamating the enchanting coniferous forests and crystal clear mountains capped with snow shivers. If ever you wish to escape from the mundane routine and head onto an adventurous trip is known for trekking then this has to be on your bucket list. So, all you need to do is pack your bags up and book bus tickets online at ticketgoose.com.

 Places to visit here are;

  1. Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara that is tucked between the giant hills and Beas River with hot spring located at its high point that is known to possess healing powers and so devotees take a dip into this to cure them of any illness and rinse away their sins. This is located at a distance of 6km from Kasol and is also believed that rice is cooked from the hot spring here. Also, one can see images of varied Hindu gods, Jesus and Sikh Guru’s posing which all are equally embraced.

  1. Trek to Kheer Ganga

Kheer Ganga is the famed destination for trekking that covers a total of 9km mountain trek enclosing tricky trails and zig zag crosses which goes difficult as the height goes on. But one can truly feel cherished and joyful on reaching the lush green meadows at the top as if to the journey to the world is completed. Also, spend the night in tranquility staying at some of the hamlets in here.

  1. Trying out the Israeli Food

Apart from all the natural beauty that it is endorsed with, Israeli Food is a must eatery in here that is tucked amidst the wilderness as this cornered city includes a flock of Israelies and if you are searching for any fancy restaurants here then I would say not to coz the street foods here is just amazing. Do try out Turquoise Kasol here.

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