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tgblog Jan 24 2018

Kasauli- See what’s in Here!

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Located in the Solan district in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli amidst the snow-capped peaks is a trekker’s paradise that can be covered entirely with foot (as the entire town population is only 5k). It is both a cantonment and a town that was once used as a summer retreat by the British. Nestled beautifully amidst the lush blankets of snow, this tiny hill station is a health resort situated an altitude of 1900 meters above the sea level and 77kms from Shimla. There are plenty exquisites that represent either an ideal blend of European and Indian architecture or depict the colonial architecture of the British era.

1. Baptist Church-

This ain’t any normal brick and wood building that was put into construction but a perfect amalgamation of Victorian and Indian style architecture constructed by the British during their rule. This church dates back to 1923 that was and is still considered a unique masterpiece of the architects with its beautiful interiors. Though most of the interior furnishings were damaged by a fire during 2008, this piece of art still stands tall in the tourism domain.

2. Sunset Point and Lover’s Lane-

Sunset point
If you are searching for a place that could give you a mystic walk with serenity embedded on your every footstep and with breath-taking sceneries with laid landscapes on either side of the lane, then this place has to be in your bucket list coz of its silent and whispering valleys, scenic splendour, fresh air and a clear view of sun hiding behind the clouds (sunset). Though recognized as the best destination, it is quite not safe to wander during late nights because of the limited facilities available.

3. Monkey Point-

Monkey point
Wow, an amazing spot that is mixed with both legendary tales and mythical characters. This is regarded as the highest peak in Kasauli atop which can give one a clear view of the neighboring towns like Chandigarh and a striking view of the river Sutlej chanting through the mountains adding charm to the look. Further, there is a much-told tale to the people who visit here; Lord Hanuman once visited this hill for taking the Sanjeevani herb for Laxman and his foot touched the ground and so the hilltop resembles a foot and was named Tapp’s Nose. There is also a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

So, this is all the town has to give you. If you are interested, then head straight to this place by booking bus tickets online at ticketgoose.com.

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