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tgblog Feb 01 2018

KariKattu Kuppam- An Abode of Spookiness!

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Captivating snow-capped peaks, azure beaches, scorching stretches of never-ending deserts, thickets of lush greenery and audacious sports are few destinations where quite a lot of them feel that adrenaline rush and enjoy their every move but, there are a handful of adventure seekers who look for only eerie spots to delve and experience that spine-chilling moment. Well, if you are one among the latter group then there are plenty of spooky places in Chennai to help you scream your wits.


Right from the largely uninhabited De Monte Colony to the fishing hamlet in Muttukadu; KariKattu Kuppam to the Adyar river that leads nowhere, there are a hell lot of destinations for one to grub around haunting and sight the paranormal activities that assure you to give Goosebumps. One such hostile location is the KariKattu Kuppam, a once a bustling fishing hamlet with over 1400 people, temples, and liveliness that was all demolished with a single strong tide during the 2004 Tsunami and left behind nothing but ruins and souls of the dead wandering around.

The caustic 2004 Tsunami had indeed washed away everything sparing few houses which too were in bad condition and coz of which over 300 families had to vacate the place. A forsaken town with ramshackle houses, dried water tanks, abandoned temples, and damaged schools is what remains now, unfortunately surfacing supernatural activities in there. If you ever visit this place then you will see piles of debris, dried coconut trees, torn clothes, broken roofs, and shoes all scattered around the village giving out a serious creepy feel.

Karikattu kuppam

Locals say that the Karumari Amman Temple and the Sangothi Amman Temple that were there had annual festivities which were abandoned post the nail-biting event and since then ghostly events started to build up and uncanny actions never rested. Though private parties bought the village and started demolishing the dead remains, this would take some time to bring the matter to rest and fade out the after-effects of the deadly Tsunami that had occurred.

But, if you are a person who doesn’t freak out, then head to this place to experience some of the spookiness. For it, book your bus tickets to Chennai either in KPN Travels, Hebron Travels or Kallada Travels at ticketgoose.com, India’s leading online bus ticketing portal.

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