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tgblog Sep 06 2019

It’s My Way for the Indian Railways – Ticketgoose

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Boy, don’t we all love trains! Train journeys in India are always fascinating. A 24-hour journey across any route, in any direction, and you feel entire India, you get to see it all. Not to mention, a wide variety of interesting people and characters who you meet en route who challenge the ambiguity of the Indian mind, and the delightful awkwardness. But, you have TicketGoose to ensure all your bookings and journeys are smooth with no signal delays!

It’s tough to grab myself from an arresting view of open farmlands, perfectly beautified by a group of silent, lush hills in the backdrop something that’s far more magical than the open skies of an aeroplane’s window. And only a few seconds later the landscape changes into an almost dried, soundless river, with a couple of fishermen in their boats – battling to acquire their routine dinner. I was almost speechless when I realised there’s a lot more to see and plenty to experience! The redoubtable railway tracks of Kerala, are something profoundly ill-famous to man-trap even the most uninterested people with its sheer inviting beauty.



Where train journeys are a perfect amphitheatre for people who love wandering outside its windows with ever-changing sights, it’s even better for those who love the company of strangers and feel a different level of excitement. Let alone, how these people – with all those small talks, that always leads to interesting conversations – help educate you and surely broaden your understanding of your surroundings. But the way these conversational exchanges sometimes change for the better and develop a more confusing, perplexing state among the speakers, is truly always the most interesting part.

Out of 100, discussing politics make for most conversations in the Indian trains, with never having two people thinking on the same track with their parties. The discussion always starts with one passenger inadvertently making a direct comment at someone else’s favourite political figure and within minutes, the discussion dwells and plunges off into a deep level of detailing that leaves one shaking in the head in utter bewilderment.

This is exactly when a young hot-headed personality steps into the debate – almost out of nowhere and try to dominate others in the debate, puffing his cheeks, huffing out air with every word he speaks and spraying his co-passengers with the tirade lest he misses the bus. This moment you realise that you’re the only person not nodding vigorously or repeating ‘Yes’ over and over again, like others do, to calm his nerves down. But he only breaks off with the arrival of a station, as everyone gets a perfect chance to be excused.

If you are lucky and end up being in the company of a few people, who all have nothing but just one thing in common – they will talk, then even a couple of days’ ride seem no less than fun. Even if not, you can enjoy your journey eating the ever-changing, interesting food, delivered right on your seat. At this moment it dawns on you that you’re the only person not nodding vociferously or repeating ‘Yes’ over and over again for that matter like the others do! But he only breaks off with the arrival of a station, as everyone gets a perfect chance to be excused in the Chennai to Madurai journey.

You start out from Delhi, eating Samosas and Rotis, but soon introduce yourself to the first cultural makeshift by having Dhokla in Gujarat. This momentarily changes into Garam Vada Pav in the main course as you enter the territory of Maharashtra, and then into Idli Sambhar in Southern India. But one thing that always makes the snack is the red chilli powered Cucumbers also called kheera – I guess Indians have a long love affair with them. Despite getting an immediate feeling of disgust in our stomach coupled with regret we just can’t stop eating them for their soothing effect on our tummy during the train journeys.

Long, uninterrupted train journeys are unique in their own way. With (almost) everyone looking out for each other. Here building a healthy relationship with others – particularly for those travelling alone – is the key to a seamless journey. Not to mention, they always give you a chance to meet some of the nicest people you never knew existed around you. I believe train journeys add a significant value to my life as well as a traveller – given their ability to exude a lot of characters, no matter in which part of the country the train is passing through. The stories, the adventure, and all those good and bad experiences, are absolutely unquestioned and unparalleled, leaving you with just no other option but to appreciate the entire journey altogether.

But as I moved here to give this piece a perfect end and worthily appreciate it a little more, our train made a quick halt across a not-so-appeasing pile of dump yard, giving me a whiff of changing the reality that wafted across, by making each breath a struggle in itself, sadly. Do you also travel on Indian trains often? What has been your best or worst experience so far? Write to us in the comments below and let us share anecdotes and keep the thread alive!

So, the next time you have a long bus ride or train journey coming up, don’t allow it to take your trip. Instead, wear your best face and gear up for a joy ride. Book your travel tickets at TicketGoose.com for exciting offers. We are committed to taking you places so, download the app here

Happy holidays folks!

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