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tgblog Dec 13 2017

It’s all here for foodies- Mumbai

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When Bollywood and malls have attracted your vision towards this state of celebrity- Mumbai, there is one more aspect to put light on; Food. Mumbai is known for culinary delights from fast food or quick restaurants to five stars. The most amazing dishes and aroma can be seen in the air of this popular metropolitan state; from magnificent signature dishes of top chefs featuring innovative styles and the use of ingredients to the ancient Mughal style of dishes. What a feeling isn’t it? Truly an epitome of delicacies! So, for you to have that salivating mouth, visit these restaurants;

1. The Table-

The Table is one of the best culinary successes of Mumbai, ranking one of the 500 best Asian restaurants in the year 2013. Everything is perfect here, from decorative and eye- striking interiors; black and white marbles, velvet chairs and dazzling atmosphere to a vibrant menu under the guidance of San Francisco chef makes the dish even more pure and delicious. Signature dishes include lobster slides, beef and mascarpone risotto and quesadillas with green pea guacamole.

2. Indigo-

Run by Rahul Akerkar in the Southern part of Mumbai, the dishes presented here are of European- Indian cuisines that just gives the foodie a finger-licking feel. Its environment that’s so lively with flickering candles on all sides, bungalow turned to a hotel, open terrace with trees on all its sides and a serene environment from the city’s hustle- bustle makes this restaurant eclectic. Some of the popular dishes served here are chilled tomato sorbet, salmon ravioli with cucumber soup and lobster risotto.

3. Smoke House Deli-

The most cheerful and a restaurant filled with artistic excellence, this restaurant in Mumbai is one of the brightest places to dine where the artists here have marbled the look in such a way that it gives out an adventurous feel when looked. Under the guidance of Chef Glyston Gracia, all the dishes served here are focused on health parameters. The salad sandwich, scrambled eggs, and warm croissant makes it all delightful.

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