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tgblog Mar 07 2017

International Women’s Day- TicketGoose Role on Women Safety

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Knowing that girls are not allowed to pursue their studies and her family will be in danger when she takes a step for women’s equality, her campaign against the Taliban stood firm. Yes, you are right, it’s Malala Yousafzai who denied remaining silent and continued to fight against the Taliban for girls’ education. Be it right to education or right to equality, it was not a feminist voice alone for bringing the change but collective efforts of all those who cared for human rights that led to the start of International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on 8th of March every year commemorating the educational, political, cultural and socio-economic achievements of women all over the world. It’s not only a day of global celebration but an awakening call for gender parity as well. We can all see that IWD continues to grow from strength to strength and it’s not only their right that has to be addressed but their protection as well and TicketGoose, India’s leading online bus ticketing portal has taken a step closer to women’s safety.

Gone are the days of women venturing out to their destinations with families or husbands and what we can see today is women-only-tours, it’s definitely not wrong but if there’s a concern that has to be focussed on, then it is the safety parameters and TicketGoose ensures that every woman traveller feels safe from pre-travel to reaching their destination.

Some of the measures this ticket firm offer are:

Seat Allocation- While booking online, the only fear that rests in many women travellers is the seat allocation whether is the adjacent seat booked by a lady or not and this is the reason why many don’t prefer sleeper coaches as well but TicketGoose assures you by saying that separate seats are reserved for ladies in which the male passengers are not allowed to make their bookings and in case of sleeper coaches, only a lady passenger will be allowed to book a ticket besides a seat that is already booked by a woman traveller. So, fellow passengers, you need not worry about this aspect.

Staff Authentication- TicketGoose ensures that every staff hired is undergone through strict background verification as it has become a concern for many these days.  We do influence the operators to have a check on these issues on a regular basis and request for a transparent relationship with the passengers by displaying the driver’s info and contact details in their tickets.

GPS Tracking System- Another benefit that our operators provide is the GPS tracking system that will be helpful for our women passengers in noting the exact bus arrival times so that they need not spend more time waiting for delayed buses.

Complaints and Feedback- Complaints and feedback are the two categories that the firm offers and the passengers can escalate issues related to their safety to the management wherein strict actions will be taken on them. We also strive to make every one’s trip a successful and memorable one.

These are the few steps that the company takes in making every passenger’s visit comfortable and safe because along with women’s right to equality it is their right to be safe and TicketGoose is highly dedicated in playing its part in this endeavour.

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