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tgblog Feb 06 2019

Interesting Routes to Travel

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South India has a lot of routes to travel. Certain routes go through the plains and certain routes go through mountains an certain routes are parallel to the sea. Today we are going to see interesting routes to travel. Travellers always love to explore new routes and this will help them to pick new routes they can try! Online bus ticket booking can be done in ticketgoose.com to travel these routes. Bus ticket offers provided by Ticketgoose is an awesome deal for travellers.

Bangalore- Udupi

Bangalore Udupi is a superb route which covers various landscapes. From city to plains to paddy fields to mountains, the route is an all in one. The route can be picked either from Udupi or Banglore. Udupi region is in Konkan region with mountains around and parallel to west coast, while Banglore is middle of plains surrounded by mountains. The route gives a transition feel throughout. VRL travels operates in this route. They have quality buses and their service is excellent. They cover the route around 10 hours, relatively quick. To book tickets in this route, in VRL travels, use this link – https://www.ticketgoose.com/vrl-travels

Velankanni – Palakkad

Velankanni – Palakkad is an interest route as it pans across two states. Palakkad is situated in Palghat, a pass in Western Ghats, while Velankanni is a Tamil town which is located in east coast, along Bay of Bengal. This route travels through mountains near Palakkad, and crosses fertile paddy fields in central Tamil Nadu and reaches Velankanni, which is a costal plain. This route is preferred by many pilgrims from Kerala as it is the shortest route to reach Velankanni. The trip takes around 11 hours. Kallada travels is the main operator in this route. The availability of tickets is excellent in this route. To book tickets in this route via Kallada travels, use the link – https://www.ticketgoose.com/kallada-travels

Visakapatnam to Hyderabad

Vishakapatnam is a costal city. It is the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana. This route is an important and major route of Telangana and Andhra pradesh. The route geographically covers costal plains, eastern ghats and Deccan Plateau. While Vishakapatnam is a costal plain, the route crosses eastern Ghats and goes into Deccan plateau where Hyderabad is located. The larger distance is covered efficiently by Orange travels. They cover the distance in 11:30 hrs at a very reasonable cost at 840/- per ticket. Orange travels provides better facilities and they focus on safety. Orange travels is the way to go to travel in this route. To book tickets in this route, via orange travels, visit – https://www.ticketgoose.com/orange-tours-travels

Chennai to Theni

Chennai to Theni is a frequently travelled route. Theni is located along the slopes of western ghats and Road ways are the only way to reach the place. Though Theni is a small places, there are tons of places to visit. The closest place to Theni is Bodinayyakanur has even more places to visit. Travelling from Chennai to Theni is an experience of its own. This is because the journey connects an urban metropolitan to a semi urban municipality town. The route travels from East to West. The route crosses many fertile plains, Vaigai river to reach Theni.  The certain scenic elements are special, especially to this route. YBM travels takes care of this route. They provide very comfortable and quicker journey to this route. The total time taken travel this route is just 7:30 hours and costs mere 940-990/- for each ticket. To book tickets in YBM travels to travel this route, vcheck this link – https://www.ticketgoose.com/ybm-travels

Pune to Shridi

Pune to Shridi is an imoortant route mainly used by pilgrims to visit Pilgrims. Konduskar travels is the major operator in this route. This route is relatively short and Konduskar travels takes 4:45 hours to travel in this route. There are ample tickets to book in this route and the ticket costs mere 485 /-. To book in this route, via Konduskar travels use this Link – https://www.ticketgoose.com/konduskar-travels-pvtltd

There are more routes like this in Southern India. You can visit ticketgoose.com to know and find more interesting routes like this and book bus tickets. Ticketgoose is the best place for bus ticket bookings.

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