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tgblog Dec 29 2017

Interesting Facts about Konark Temple!

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Archaeology is a mystery and every mystery yields a beautiful treasure; be it chunks of gold or a stunning truth that would leave many awed. One such secrecy that cues all, though answered by the Archaeological department is the Konark Temple- located on the banks of Bay of Bengal in Odisha. The temple was initially constructed on the sea bank but with time, the sea receded and it is a bit off the shore now. Constructed by the Mauryan King with 12,000 artisans for over 12 years, this place had indeed got a spot in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of the fact that the temple is a chest of mystery and draws flocks of tourists from all parts of the world.

Sun Temple

Though consecrated, desiccated and in ruins, there are certain facts that still roars about this place which on the hearing will leave you dumbstruck. Mid-way through the temple construction, the artisans did not know how to complete it then it was the idea of one of the artisan’s sons, who thought of placing a huge dome of magnet atop the temple, which was used later, used for navigations by the sailors. But, the British removed it as it hampered their routes. But, it was because of the several magnets along with the huge one placed between two layers of sandstone that made the idol of the sun god, Surya floating in the air.


Another sparkling fact is the wheel holding the temple like a chariot. Though the wheel is carved from sandstone, there are twelve such pairs on its base where the spokes in the wheel create a sundial telling the time. One can easily calculate the precise time of the day by just looking at the shadow cast by these spokes.

These were just a few amongst the rest which I leave it to you to discover. On going there, if you are worried where to stay, then take a look at TicketGoose, online hotel booking facility.

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