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tgblog Jul 06 2018

India’s Most Stunning Lakes!

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There is always so much to talk about the word; India. Right from the ravishing topography to amazing culture and traditions to unity to mesmerizing landscapes, India has got everything that a tourist wishes to delve into leaving behind a plethora of imaginations. With so much of rich legacies buried deep under the sands to languages to cuisines that are finger licking, India is also a base for overseas trade as it is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on the East to the Indian Ocean on the South and the Arabian Sea on the West.

Apart from rich natural habitat and exotic species of flora and fauna, India is also a land of ethereal blues and thus for you to give life to your cameras by capturing some of the most scenic water bodies, visit ticketgoose.com; the largest online bus ticket booking portal. To know more about the lakes, scroll down;

  1. Dal Lake, Srinagar-

Often described as the mirrored sheet lake, Dal Lake is Srinagar’s Jewel that glistens when rays of sunlight fall onto it. It is a true reflection of the sky and with the houseboats aligned on the coast of the lake, makes the view even more mesmerizing thus giving out a sigh of romantic escapade.

  1. Pangong TSO-

Situated at a distance of 160km from Leh, it is one of the best attractions in Ladakh as only one-third of the lake is situated in India and the remaining two-third in Tibet. Imagine how beautiful would it be that segregates two different countries. Also, the hilly terrain covering it makes it picture perfect for capturing.

  1. TSO Moriri-

Another mesmerizing lake for all the cameral lovers would be the sight of this water body which is a stretch of 28km in length and set against the snowcapped mountains that are situated at Leh.

  1. Lonar Crater Lake-

Lonar Crater Lake is a prehistoric natural lake that is formed nearly 50,000 years before when a meteorite hit this region. This area in Maharashtra is known for its tranquility and surrounded with a small lake in the middle and slightly tall terrains surrounding it.

So, which among these lights the wanderlust in you?

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